DOWNLOAD GAME | Caliber is a team-based online game

Caliber is a free online game. You can download it in one click right now and play it whenever you want. You can find a short guide to its installation, as well as the system requirements, below.

By clicking this button you'll begin downloading the CaliberSetup installer.

Installation guide

1 Press the Download Game button — this will start the download of the installer (50 Mb)
2 Launch the installer and follow its instructions. Once installed, the game will take up 40 Gb of disk space. Once all game files are downloaded, run the installer.
3 Once the Play button appears instead of the progress bar, press it.
4 An authorization dialog will appear. Specify your login credentials (e-mail and password) which you use to sign into your account at




  • OS: Windows 7 or 10, 64bit
  • CPU: i3-4xxx or better
  • RAM: 6+ Gb
  • VRAM: 1+ Gb
  • GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GT 9800 or better, AMD HD 55xx or better
  • Free disk space: ~40 Gb


  • OS: Windows 7 or 10, 64bit
  • CPU: i5-4xxx or better
  • RAM: 8+ Gb
  • VRAM: 2+ Gb
  • GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GT 960 or better, AMD HD 7xxx or better
  • Free disk space: ~40 Gb