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Patch Notes 0.10.1

Caliber Update 0.10.1 is available for all players starting April 28th 2021. This update adds texture streaming technology, which will greatly improve the match load speed for many players. In addition, we've added the long-awaited legendary outfits for 22 SPN, based on the unusual loadouts this unit had during the Afghanistan War. Other changes touch on almost every aspect of the game, from some operators' balance to UI improvements and bug fixes.

Below are listed all the changes that got included in this update.

Patch notes 0.10.1


— Fixed a bug where the Burning debuff applied to an operator wouldn't block healing from Mikolaj's Field Hospital and Velour's Patch abilities.

22 SPN

— Added legendary outfits for the whole 22 SPN bundle. 

Plut, Assault

— A-545 assault rifle primary weapon - increased base ammunition from 4 to 5 clips.

— F1 grenade special munition - damage radius increased from 4.3m to 4.5m, fuse shortened from 3.0s to 2.8s.

Tien, Marksman

— Upgrade #15 has its bleeding damage improved from 4 to 6 HP/s (total bleeding damage increased from 20 to 30 HP).  

Caravai, Medic

—Upgrade #15 "Special Trait: Incapacitated operator can throw a capsule..." replaced with increasing clip size by 10 while reducing ammunition by 1 clip.

— Updated the icon for the AKS-74U primary weapon.

SSO Bundle

— Fixed a bug with aimed fire with the pistol. Pistol accuracy is now higher when aiming than when not aiming. 

Voron, Assault

— Added the Herald epic outfit. 

Komar, Marksman

— Fixed the lack of visual feedback when applying Mark with the Eleron drone.

Sputnik, Support

— Added unique SFX for firing the primary weapon in the Archaeologist legendary outfit.

— Fixed a bug where the drone only chased after one target. Now it works correctly, chasing each of the available targets for 7s at most.


Volk, Assault

— Changed the operator's ability name - was Breath Control, became Iron Grip.

Almaz, Support

— Increased movement speed from 3.0 to 3.3 m/s.

— Increased sprint speed from 4.5 to 4.7 m/s.

— Barrier ability - increased headshot damage resistance from 20% to 30%.


Corsair, Assault

— The operator can no longer detonate C4 while Stunned.  

— Added unique SFX for firing the HK416D primary weapon in the Patriot legendary outfit.

Scout, Marksman

— Added unique SFX for firing the HK417 primary weapon in the Patriot legendary outfit.

— Updated the description for the HK417 primary weapon in the Patriot legendary outfit.

Monc, Medic

— Updated the description for the MP7 primary weapon in the Patriot legendary outfit.


— Updated the weapons' master camouflage icon.


Rein, Assault

— Improved the pistol flashlight - added scenery lighting and visual effects when shining into another player's camera. 

Stern, Support

— Fixed a bug where the primary weapon's sight would be displaced when reloading. 

Schatz, Medic

— Changed the beret colour in the Field Medic epic outfit.

— Настроена работа фонарика на пистолете: добавлен свет на окружении и эффект при свете в камеру другого игрока. 

Снайпер Курт

— Improved the pistol flashlight - added scenery lighting and visual effects when shining into another player's camera. 


Koszmar, Assault

— Fixed the operator's eye size in the Elear epic outfit.

Prorok, Support

— Fixed the muzzle flare positioning when firing the FN Minimi Para primary weapon in the Nomad legendary outfit.

— Fixed a bug where Upgrade #11 didn't increase the smokescreen duration.


Bishop, Support

— Fixed a bug where the grenade that is dropped after the operator's finished would fall through the ground. 


Velour, Medic

— Added special munition display on the operator's back.

Avant-Garde, Assault

— Vepr' rifle primary weapon - reduced screen shake when firing, slightly increased recoil when aiming.

— Operator Upgrade #10 - the effective range increase is now primarily gained from reducing the pellet spread by 25%. This increases starting damage falloff distance from 13 to 16 meters.Increased slowdown when sprinting from 6% to 8.5%. Slowdown when crouching while the upgraded weapon is selected reduced from 6% to 4%.


Hagana, Support

— Added durability bar for the turrent. 

— Updated the Negev SV primary weapon description. 


— Added Pharo, EZAPAC Assault. 

— The Burning damage from Diablo's ability and Miguel's primary weapon no longer stacks. 

Miguel, Medic

— Added durability bar for the drone. 

— Fixed a bug where the drone would get stuck if thrown under vehicles. 

Diablo, Marksman

— Operator Upgrade #11 - changed description; "sniper rifle" changed to "assault rifle".

— Added special munition display on the operator's back. 

Map, mission and bot changes

General changes

— Changes to the Hacking mode:

  • The team roles (offense-defense) are changed every 2 rounds, not every round.
  • Removed the Caravanserai and Amal Harbor map from the rotation.

— Increased PvP mode profits to 600 Credits per victory. The rewards are spread more evenly now based on won rounds: the first won round gives 180 Credits, the second 200 and the third 220.

— Improved matchmaking algorithms for finding balanced teams in PvP modes. 

— Showdown, Hacking. Fixed a bug where environment textures could disappear when observing an ally. 

AI / Bots

— Grenade fuse time for Shooters in Zalessye has been increased for all difficulty levels. Special Operation: from 1s to 2s. Clearing: from 1s to 3.5s at maximum. 

— The bots no longer try to fire at operator-placed objects (such as Mikolaj's Field Hospital) through barriers between floors.


— Added a bot with a lot of health and no armor so that players can test damage without taking armor penetration and target armor into account. 

—Added respawning on the training field. 5 seconds after your operator has been incapacitated, press [U] to respawn at the starting point. 

—The door leading out of the bot area doesn't close anymore after 1 operator has passed through it. The training objectives can be received again by interacting with the laptop after all operators leave the area. 

—Fixed a bug allowing for the duplication of dummy bots in one place. 

—Removed cover destruction visuals at the start of the mission. 


— Medic's scenario. Fixed the SFX for taking damage from the gas zone. 

— All scenarios. Added SFX for marking allied operator bots. 

— Assault's scenario. Increased the amount of mines at the beginning of the underground parking lot. 

— Fixed camouflage for Stylet, the allied bot. 

— Fixed a mistake in the mode's description. 

— Medic's and Assault's scenarios. Fixed a bug where the Support allied bot would get stuck. 

— Fixed the attached weapons for the helicopter in the final cutscene. 

— Marksman's scenario. Fixed highlighting for the burning tank. 

— All scenarios. Fixed mouse cursor hiding tip text. 


— Clearing, Special Operation. Now there are four routes possible from the start - left/center/right streets are clear, all streets are clear. 

— Clearing, Special Operation. Added gas tank to break the wall in the first part of the mission. 

— Clearing, Special Operation. Changed hostage models. 

— Clearing, Special Operation. Fixed a bug where an operator could get stuck between cover and the wall in the final part of the mission.  

— Clearing, Special Operation. The enemy vehicle in the final part no longer drives through the remains of the previous one. 

— Clearing, Special Operation. The tank on the second floor will always explode now to break the obstacle and open up a passage. 

— All modes. Fixed climbing zones on several vehicles. 

— Clearing, Special Operation. Fixed a bug where two markers would appear at the start of the mission. 


— Clearing, Special Operation. Fixed the bot that would get stuck near the second laptop in the allied vehicles scenario. 

— All mode. Removed the button-triggered climbing at the low rise near the starting position. 

«Amal Harbor»

— Clearing, Special Operation. Fixed a bug where a bot would go through barrels that block the container when spawning. The barrels were replaced with crates the bot climbs. 


— Showdown. Fixed siren sound positioning when capturing the base. 

— All modes. Fixed being able to climb a crate without pressing the corresponding key. 

— Special Operation. Fixed a bug where the strong fighter wouldn't apply buffs to allied bots. 

— Showdown. Fixed a bug which allowed going through an obstacle. Now it has to be climbed. 

— Hacking. Fixed a bug letting the player enter a vehicle using climbing. 

— Clearing. Removed the debris remaining stuck in the air after cover is destroyed. 

— All modes. Reduced distance to activate jumping through a window. 

— Clearing, Special Operation. Fixed a bug where an allied vehicle's health bar would duplicate if it took damage outside of the player's field of view. 

— Clearing. Fixed a bug where the engineer wouldn't go to fix the turbine. 

— Clearing, Special Operation. Added announcer lines while fixing the turbine. 

— All modes. Fixed a bug where the sounds of the Dam's interior would be heard outside. 


— EN Clearing, Special Operation. Al-Malik Hotel. Fixed the incorrect voiceover when destroying the second mechanism.  

— EN Removed the extra linebreak in the battle results.  

— EN Fixed description for the primary weapon in Voron's legendary outfit. 

— EN Changed the names of the emblem and the badge given for picking up any documents in the Frontline mode to Go-getter.

— EN Changed the names of the emblem and the badge given for delivering any documents in the Frontline mode to Enigma.

— EN Changed the names of the emblem, the medal and the badge given for installing the Hacker to Backdoor.

— EN Changed the names of the medal and the badge given for eliminating the Heavy Fighter in the Frontline mode to The Fall of the Colossus.

— EN Changed the names of the emblem and the badge given for taking out an enemy with the last bullet in the clip to Till It Goes Click.

— EN Fixed the description for Avant-Garde's Upgrade #3. 

— EN Fixed the description for the button that takes you to the Boost Progress window which appears when you receive a Free XP pack.

— EN Fixed the description for Scout's Upgrade #4 - the sight's name is now correct.

— EN Fixed the description for Ded's Upgrade #5. 

— EN Fixed a typo in Corsair's Upgrade #7. 

— EN Changed Hagana's primary weapon's description. 


— "Focus fire!", "Attention!" marks, as well as all emotes: Added a blinking "Too many messages" text at the bottom of the chat, which disappears when they can be used again.

— New visuals for buffs and debuffs appearing in the UI during battle. 

— Fixed the compass. 

— Added the ability to disable the compass in the settings.  

— Changed the kill log's layout; the kill log is limited to 5 entries.  

— Added in-battle notifications about unsportsmanlike behavior. 

— The stamina bar now shows an animation when spending stamina on abilties or sprinting.  

— Changed enemy markers in direct line of sight/behind a wall: 

  • The marker becomes transparent if the enemy is behind a wall.
  • The marker's opacity doesn't change while aiming.
  • The enemy doesn't see grenade and rocket markers until they enter their line of sight.


— Added a player report feature - the player can be reported during battle or on the battle results screen.  

— Legendary and epic camouflages have been renamed to outfits.

— Contracts. Fixed a bug where operators couldn't be sent to fulfill a contract despite having a suitable team.  

— The Favorite tab in Contacts has been renamed to Friends.

— Fixed incorrect reward display in the battle results notification.  

— Favorite replays no longer get reset after rebooting the client.  

— Changed the icon color for leaving fireteam.  

— Customization. Added stripes to the Select button when picking camouflages available for purchase as parts of bundles.  

— Added display for XP penalties for unsportsmanlike behavior on the after-battle results screen.  

— Fixed the icon for toggling voice messages on/off.  

— Fixed the display for damage dealt when jumping off if part of the health is locked.  


— Added radio noise to the announcer's voice. 

— Re-added the SFX for clicking the daily task reroll button.

— Fixed the inability to use push-to-talk while loading into battle. 

— Fixed a bug where using push-to-talk while loading into battle would make the voice chat voice-activated. 


— Added blur for the Stunned debuff.

— Added the ability to mark a moving bot vehicle just like a stationary one. 

— The Stimulant now restores 210 Stamina. 

— Replays now play from the first seconds of the battle rather than the loading screen.  

— Battle Pass XP does no longer include boosters, legendary outfit bonuses and ally Premium bonuses.  

— Perks. Disabled Perk #7 Heavy Ammo for Medics.

— Added USA region select.  

— Fixed loading screen freeze when opening several containers in a row.  

— Added new flags: Hungary, Romania, Slovakia, Albania, Slovenia, Serbia, Croatia, Montenegro, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Uganda.  

Visual effects

— New visual effects for buffs applied to bots.  


— Emotes can no longer be spammed. An emote can only be performed several times in a row now, after which its performance is locked for a certain period of time.  

Technical changes

— Added texture streaming.  

— Added texture quality selection in the launcher settings and during the client loading stage.  

— Fixed a connection issue which would kick the player out into the sign-in screen.  

— Fixed a bug preventing purchasing several special offers in a row.

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