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Remnants of War II event 101

From May 5th to May 26th the Remnants of War II marathon will be held in Caliber. It’s a time-limited event in which any player that has reached Account Level 11 can participate. The goal of the marathon’s participants is to earn the temporary event currency, using it to purchase unique items, and to climb the top player rankings.

Temporary event currency

For the duration of the Remnants of War II event two temporary currencies will be added to Caliber — Tokens and Tickets.

Tokens are the main currency of the event, they are used to purchase rewards. Tokens can only be earned in the Hacking PvP mode.

Tickets are a currency that increases Token income 10x. Tickets can be earned as rewards for each third victory in Clearing, Special Operation, Frontlines or Showdown, received as rewards for Daily Tasks or purchased for Coins at the Arsenal, the event’s special store.

How to earn Tokens

Tokens are awarded to players as extra rewards for battles in the Hacking mode. The payout depends on how many winning rounds there were:

  • One winning round — 2 Tokens;
  • Two winning rounds — 4 Tokens;
  • Three winning rounds — 6 Tokens.

This means winning in Hacking gives you 12 Tokens.

With a Ticket, this is multiplied tenfold. If a player has at least one Ticket, it’s automatically deducted after they win a match.

With a Ticket, winning in Hacking gives you 120 Tokens.

If a player quits the battle before it is finished, the player won’t earn any Tokens regardless of the match’s results.

How to earn Tickets

Tickets are earned at a rate of one per every third victory in any mode other than Hacking and Prologue — Clearing, Special Operation, Frontlines and Showdown. Victories are added up between modes. For example, you can win two Clearings and one Special Operation — this will give you a Remnants of War II Ticket. In addition, the player will receive one Ticket for every completed Daily Task.

Tickets can also be purchased for Coins at the Arsenal. They are sold in bundles of 10 there.

Event rewards

The main reward in the Remnants of War II event is a new operator from the Spanish EZAPAC bundle — Faro, Assault. Other rewards include epic outfits, camouflages, emotes, emblems and coup de grace.

All Remnants of War II rewards:

  • The Herald epic outfit for Voron, SSO Assault, and the Jaeger epic outfit for Kurt, KSK Marksman. 
  • The Avenue, Remnants of War: Red, and Remnants of War: Blue camouflages.
  • The Sure Shot coup de grace. 
  • The Spark, Countdown, and Let's fight! emotes.
  • The Remnants of War II: Agent, Remnants of War II: Spy, Remnants of War II: Cipher, Remnants of War II: Concealer, Red Hacker, Binary code, Red Spectrum, and ChemLight emblems.
All Remnants of War II event rewards are timed exclusives. They won’t be available via any other means for several months. However, the event store will be open for a week longer after the marathon ends.

Event rankings

During the Remnants of War II event all players automatically participate in a top player rankings based on Token earnings. At least 150 Tokens are needed to enter the rankings.

The rankings take into account the Tokens the account earned in battles. This means you don’t need to save them up — expenditures don’t affect your place in the rankings.

By earning Tokens, the player climbs the rankings and earns rewards for each new place they reach — Credits, Free XP, Premium days. The rewards are given instantly upon reaching a specific prize place.

By reaching one of the tops in the rankings — the 1st place, the top 10, the top 100, the top 1000, — the player receives a unique event emblem:

  • 1st place — Remnants of War II: Agent;
  • top 10 — Remnants of War II: Spy;
  • top 100 — Remnants of War II: Cipher;
  • top 1000 — Remnants of War II: Concealer.
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