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Hotfix: Miguel rebalancing and Remnants of War II

Miguel, EZAPAC Medic

Miguel’s popularity as a new operator was to be expected, but his incredible efficiency in both PvP and PvE has exceeded our calculations. The ability to heal allies while at the same time fighting and moving across the level, combined with being able to resuscitate incapacitated allies from a distance and ignite enemy targets made the Spanish Medic the #1 choice for a vast portion of the players.

We’re happy you like Miguel, but it’s important to us to maintain interest for the other Medics without having them be outclassed. The statistics pushed us to adjust Miguel’s efficiency before the planned date. The changes made in this hotfix will affect his healing abilities. We’re certain this will help balance him compared to other Medics.

Injector pistol: ammo capacity reduced from 4 to 3.

Medical Drone ability:

  • base healing reduced from 15 to 14 HP;
  • base activation cost increased from 60 to 65 Stamina;
  • base ability duration reduced from 50 to 45 seconds.

Upgrade #12 — Activation cost reduction now gives a -15 Stamina discount (was -20 Stamina).

Upgrade #10 — Drone healing increase reduced from +5 to +4 HP.

Upgrade #7 — Duration increase is now 10 seconds (was 15 seconds).

Other changes

The Remnants of War II event has been enabled.

The temporary sale of Free XP packs has been enabled.

Fixed a bug where the Shersheret, Monk and Watson Medics didn’t apply healing if the player was aiming below the ally’s model’s waist.

Fixed a bug where players who have played through the whole match received a “Return to battle” notification afterwards.

Fixed the resolution of the grenade icon in the battle results screen.

Added links from the game to the store page when purchasing legendary outfits for selected operators.

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