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May 26th — June 2nd: “Northern Wind” contract

From May 26th to June 2nd a new temporary contract will be available in Caliber — the “Northern Wind” directive. It will become an extra source of materials for players, who’ll have to spend Free XP to run it.

The new contract has the following characteristics:

  • rewards — 5700 XP for each operator involved and three slots with random materials;
  • contract run cost — 1000 Free XP;
  • refresh interval — daily;
  • running the contract requires 4 operators;
  • completion time — 2 hours.
Contracts are a mechanic that allow the player to collect rewards without direct involvement. They become available starting at Account Level 15. Depending on the contract, the player can earn operator XP, materials, Credits and reserves for its completion.

Each random material slot may contain:

  • 80 units of Common Materials: Medication, Alloys, Spare Parts or Fuel;
  • 50 units of Uncommon Materials: Composite Materials, Chemical Components or Encryption Codes;
  • 30 units of Rare Materials: Microchips or Blueprints;
  • 20 units of a Very Rare Material, Secret Prototypes.
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