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Summer discounts on outfits: the hotter, the higher

Summer continues in Caliber! In addition to our Vacation in Caliber summer contest, we are launching hot discounts on legendary outfits! All week from August 11 to 18, prices for legendary outfit sets will be determined by... the air temperature in Moscow. Every day at 14:00, discounts will be updated according to how high the stem of thermometer has risen.

Weather forecast for the week
According to weather dudes, in the next seven days in the central part of Russia, the air temperature will remain stably warm. Neither a humid atmospheric front coming to us from Western Europe nor cool air masses from the Baltic Sea aren’t expected to interfere. Throughout the week from August 11 to 18 in the Central Federal District, the temperature is expected to be +20°C to +26°C. Some intermittent rains and a drop in air temperature to +10°C to +17°C are expected at night.

So, according to the forecast, players can expect discounts on legendary outfit sets in the region of 20-25 percent in the next seven days. However, we hope that summer will still surprise us with new temperature and discount records.

It is easiest to check the forecasts of discounts on the official Caliber Facebook page. There, we will post daily up-to-date information about the weather in Moscow and discounts in our store. Subscribe, turn on notifications, and stay updated!

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