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Archives: Who Dares Wins event

From November 10th to 17th Caliber will see a new event from the Archive series, which will allow players to receive rewards from the first Battle Pass — Who Dares Wins.

As before, in order to access the rewards, the players will have to earn temporary currency, Tokens. Tokens can be spent in the Store to purchase Material Containers and Emblems, as well as other event rewards for operators from random collections and epic outfits for Almaz, Vympel Support. If you wish to purchase full reward sets for all operators, they’re purchasable for Coins.

Event Tokens can be earned in two ways:

  • Through a container awarded for a Daily Task’s completion. Such a container will have two slots. One will always have 20 Tokens, while the other will have one of three rewards — 45 Tokens, a bunch of Materials or the Warlord epic outfit for Almaz, Vympel Support.
  • Tokens can also be earned for completing chapters in the Task Set. The first chapter will earn you 50 Tokens, the second — 75, and the third — 100.
The Archives series will be repeated at some intervals. So if you had Tokens from the Archives: Operation D’Arc event remaining, they will still be there when the event starts again.

Event rewards:

  • Warlord and Koschei epic outfits for Almaz, Vympel Support;
  • Kilt, British Desert, British Tropical and Night Wing camouflages;
  • Routine Salute, Hats Off, Old School Boxing and Gas Alert emotes;
  • Kick Him! Coup de Grace;
  • Beret, Notch, Almaz, Koschei, Britain’s Wing, Gas Mask, Tea Party and Boxing Gloves emblems.
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