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Archives: Codename D’Arc event

From November 17th to 24th, Caliber will see another event from the Archives series, which will allow players to receive rewards from the second Battle Pass.

As before, to access the rewards, the players will have to earn temporary currency, Tokens. You can spend Tokens in the Store to purchase Material Containers and Emblems, as well as other event rewards for operators from random collections and epic camos for Monk, the Medic from SEAL. Also, if you wish to purchase complete reward sets for all operators, you can do it for Coins.

Event Tokens can be earned in two ways:
  • Through a container awarded for a Daily Task completion. Such a container may hold one of three items: 45 Tokens, a bunch of Materials, or Anaconda epic outfit for Monk, the Medic from SEAL.
  • For completing chapters of the Task Set. The first chapter will earn you 50 Tokens, the second 75 Tokens, and the third 100 Tokens.
Tokens remaining after the first Archives: Codename D’Arc event will be stored on players’ accounts. Tokens remaining after this event will also be stored on players’ accounts and returned to you during the next Archives: Codename D’Arc event.
Event rewards available for Tokens and Coins:
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