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Team Reserves: User's Manual

Caliber version 0.16.0 introducing new consumable items: Team Reserves. In the upcoming update, Team Reserves will only be available for completing chapters of the Battle Pass.

How Team Reserves operate

In Update 0.16.0, Team Reserves are tied to the Battle Pass and the new Chinese operator collection. This is expressed in their way of earning and design.

Team Reserves are obtained for completing Battle Pass chapters in both paid and free parts. Their appearance matches the theme of the event: both the Armor Plates Bag and the Ammo Box have their own unique design.

  • After the Battle Pass completion, Team Reserves remain on the player’s account and can still be taken into battles.
  • The opposing team can also use Team Reserves. Also, any player can destroy reserves of this type with shots or explosions.
  • Only one Team Reserve can be deployed on the map by the same player at a time. Deploying the second Team Reserve will remove the first one. Thus, during the round, no more than four Team Reserves can be deployed on the map by one side.
Team Reserves are the alternatives of the Ammo and Spare Plates reserves. Their only difference is that the player carrying the Team Reserve can place it anywhere on the map, and their allies can use it up to 4 times. 

The Armor Plate Bag must be installed on the ground and allows the players to fully replenish their armor plates stock. In turn, the deployed Ammo Box gives the player 50 rounds for both primary and secondary weapons when used.

The Ammo Box does not restore special gear ammo to characters with the Heavy Ammo Pack skill installed.
  • The Armor Plate Bag contains 4 armor replenishments, and the Ammo Box allows you to replenish ammo 4 times. As soon as the supplies are exhausted, the Team Reserve disappears from the battlefield. They also disappear with the start of a new round.
  • The cooldown of the Team Reserve after deployment is 70 seconds.
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