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New Mission On Forest Map

In update 0.17.0, a new mission is introduced on the Forest map in the Clearing and Special Operation modes. Players will have to investigate beyond the gates of the mysterious bunker, where Head of Azimuth PMC is hiding.

This mission will be different from those already presented in the game. It features three new cutscenes that reveal the story, much more spectacular than those that have been in the game before. During the mission, operators will talk among themselves and with the HQ dispatch, and the boss battle will take place for the first time.


If you go further into the wilderness of Zalessye, you can find many places where people have not appeared for decades. One of the most interesting objects located there is a bunker built by the Nazis during World War II. After the end of the war, the bunker was abandoned.

The last thing known about this structure is that ten years ago, along with the adjacent plot of land, it was acquired by OGRE international corporation. The reasons why the old fortification was wanted by an enterprise engaged in oil extraction and processing are unknown. There are rumors that a new oil field has been discovered here in the forest, but they are not confirmed by official geological exploration data.

As the Legion operators managed to discover, it is in this bunker that Isaac Delgado, Head of the Azimut PMC, implicated in numerous war crimes, including destruction of civilians, use of chemical weapons, and cooperation with terrorists, is now hiding. Based on these accusations, Delgado is marked for elimination. The main difficulty lies in the fact that the enemy forces and the resources that they have are unknown. Anything is to be expected.


Isaac Delgado is a former green beret, a veteran of the Iraq War and several other, much less well-known operations, information about which is classified. According to unconfirmed rumors, he left the ranks of the armed forces to avoid a court martial for the mistreatment of prisoners. He entered the service of Azimuth PMC, where he made a rapid career. After a couple of years, he took the post of Head of the organization. Under his leadership, Azimuth conducted a number of successful operations in Venezuela, Hefiristan, and Libya. The last place he was seen in was the Republic of Karkhad. There, he safeguarded the security of the negotiations between the terrorist movement Al-Thurir leader and an unknown party.

Isaac Delgado, Head of Azimuth PMC

Isaac Delgado, Head of Azimuth PMC

The Azimuth sergeant is protected from gases, armed with an H&K MP5 submachine gun, and can use a combat drone to attack enemy targets. Along with that, he uses an electronic jammer that applies EMP, Confused, and Slowed effects to his enemies.


To get into the bunker, players need to overcome a section of rough terrain, complemented by fortifications that are defended by Azimuth mercenaries.


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