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[0.18.0] New Objectives, Credits income, and Boosters

In Update 0.18.0, objectives will become more numerous and diverse. Moreover, some of them will include the possibility of completing them in alternative ways. Boosters will also change a lot: now they will be spent gradually and become more convenient to use.


Daily and Weekly Objectives will change: there will be new training Objectives for beginners, Chartered Objectives with large rewards, and Premium Objectives for Premium Time owners.

In 0.18.0, rewards for Objectives will become the primary source of Credits. The number of objectives will increase. Completion of each of them brings a reward. Rewards for battles will now bring only XP.

To constantly earn Credits, there will be a Combat Pay objective. Its essence is simple: earn XP in battles, get Credits for it.

We want to double, give or take a bit, the players’ income in Credits for completing objectives. The data presented in the pictures is not final and may be corrected.


Training Objectives will be added for new players. They will help the newcomers master the basic mechanics of Caliber, earn Credits, and get the first few operators in their collections.


The Combat Pay objective is completed while you are playing. For every 2,000 XP the player earns in battles, they obtain 500 Credits.

The player starts earning Combat Pay as soon as they reach Account Level 2.

It is not necessary to get the reward immediately. The Credits that the player is entitled to for accumulated XP will be accumulated. The player can receive them in the Objectives menu at any time.


Daily Objectives will now be divided into stages. Each stage will include its own small objectives to complete. Access to Daily Objectives opens at the Account Level 3.

The main thing about Daily Objectives:

  • The Daily Objectives list will be updated every day at 10:00 Moscow time. The progress of partially completed tasks will not be saved;
  • The stages are arranged in order of increasing difficulty. To advance to the next stage, the player needs to complete a certain number of the current stage objectives;
  • For completion of each stage the player receive a reward in Credits;
  • Stages open sequentially. If the player has advanced to a new stage, but has unfinished objectives in the previous one, access to them will be open; the player will be able to complete them and receive the reward;
  • Most objectives will have an alternative way of completion. For example, «Restore 1,000 health» OR «Deal 10,000 damage»;
  • If you don’t like any of the proposed objectives, you can change them. Doing this requires spending Credits.


Premium Objectives will be part of Daily Objectives. Completing Premium Objectives is not necessary to advance to the next stage, but they count towards opening the next stage. They will be updated every day and accessible to players with Premium Time. 


As before, there will be three stages in Weekly Objectives. To complete each stage, the player needs to complete its 10 objectives. All 30 objectives will be available for completion immediately. Players will be able to choose the order in which the objectives are completed.

Access to Weekly Objectives opens at Account Level 12.

For completing each stage, the player will receive 30,000 Credits, and 30,000 Credits and one Manual, which allows the player to change one operator upgrade, for completing the last stage.


Chartered Objectives can be opened with Coins. For completing each of these objectives, the player will receive a lot of Credits. Chartered Objectives will be updated daily.

The player can take Chartered Objective starting from Account Level 15.


The list of bonuses that Legendary Outfits and Premium Time bring will change a little, but the essence will remain the same.

Legendary Outfits and Premium Time will increase the amount of XP gained in battles, which means it will help the player complete the Combat Pay objective faster.


The Booster system will be significantly redesigned. Only XP Boosters, standard and the new enhanced one, will remain in the game. Each such Booster will have its own capacity scale and will be spent gradually. Booster will now work not only in case of victory, but also in case of defeat.


There will now be two types of XP Boosters that have a capacity of 20,000 units. After each use, the volume of the Booster will decrease. When the Booster earns the player 20,000 XP, it will be considered empty and disappear.

  • XP Booster: gives +100% base XP to the operator for battles until depleted;
  • Enhanced XP Booster: gives +200% base XP to the operator for battles until depleted.

The updated XP Boosters will perform two functions at once: increase the XP and earn Credits received by the operator in battle due to the accelerated completion of the Combat Pay objective.


There will now be a Booster Selection Window next to the BATTLE button. In it, the player can select the Booster they want to use for the next battle. If the player does not want to spend Booster charges in the next battle, they need to remove it from the window.

In the same window, the player can toggle the Automatic Booster Activation. This function helps the player to save time: when one Booster runs out, the next one will take its place.


All Credits and XP Boosters on players’ accounts will be converted to the new XP Boosters.

Conversion example:

  1. The player has 100 Credits Boosters and 100 XP Boosters.
  2. The total number of Boosters is divided by 7 rounded up: 200/7 = 29.
  3. In update 0.18.0, the player will have 29 updated XP Boosters.
If before Update 0.18.0 the player has less than 7 Boosters in total but more than zero, they will receive one updated XP Booster.
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