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New Battle Entry System: How It Works

One of the main changes in the 0.19.0 update is the introduction of a new battle entry system: players will have to pick roles they want to play before searching for a battle.

You will be able to choose an operator after the game is loaded and the map is chosen. We are introducing a new battle preparation stage: players will be able to choose Reserves, Skills and Customization Items for a specific map and other players’ operators. These changes will help players to devise their tactics more efficiently.

We paid special attention to the Ranked Battles game mode which is all about competition. In this game mode, the players will be able to not only "pick", but also ban maps and operators they don’t wish to see in a battle.

Please watch our video about the main features of the new system. We’ll go into more detail in this article.

This article will explain:

— Why we’ve decided to change the battle entry system.

— How the new system will work.

— Ranked Battles: the "select and prohibit" phase, which players know as "Picks and Bans".

— Conclusion.


Currently, the system works as such: a player chooses an operator and Reserves, tweaks operator Customization, chooses a game mode and presses the "Battle" button to start searching for a match. Only when a match has been found does the player see the map and the other players’ operators.

Main disadvantages:

  • It’s impossible to think tactically when choosing an operator, Skills, Reserves and Outfits.

In Caliber, there are more than 60 unique operators. Some are effective at close range; some perform better at long range. Some are also routinely disadvantaged, such as Avalanche, whose mortar is useless on the Radar map because of the ceilings.

It’s good to know the map you’re going to play on before choosing an operator. It has a direct impact on the tactics that players will stick to.

Not knowing the map also creates aesthetical mismatches which can bother players. For example, combat divers look ridiculous in the desert. When it comes to Outfits and Camos, making the right choice decides how visible you are to the enemy.

We want to correct this issue by giving the players the opportunity to pick a Camo or an Outfit for a specific map before a battle begins.

The same goes for Skills and Reserves. See Prorok on an enemy team? It would be a good idea to choose the Thermographic Sight Skill and use it against him. In 0.19.0, you will have this utility.

  • Unable to choose more than one role.

There is a good number of players who can play several roles well. However, by having to choose an operator before a battle, players are limited to just one role when searching for a match. Because of that, some game modes lack operators of a certain role, which makes it more difficult there to find a match in good time.

If there are a lot of players willing to play several roles, searching for a match will take less time.
  • Currently, when searching for a match, players are very limited in their actions.

In the coming update, they will be able to perform preparations: customize their operators, their Skills, and Reserves, as well as collect rewards for any cleared Objectives.

  • It was impossible to add "Picks and Bans" in the old new battle entry system.

One of the most frequent requests regarding the Ranked Battles mode was a "Picks and Bans" system.  New technologies that we added to Caliber last year now allow us to add this system into the game as well.


The new battle entry system will consist of three stages:


Firstly, you have to choose a game mode and your preferred roles. An approximate queue time will be shown on the role picking screen. After you have chosen your role, you have to press the "Ready" button to begin searching for a match.

When a fireteam wants to play, a leader chooses a game mode, and then every fireteam member chooses their roles and confirms that they are ready to battle.

For each game mode, you only have to choose your role only once. The system will remember the players’ choices, and they will only have to confirm they are ready before searching for a next match.

In the 0.19.0 version, an operator in the HQ will not affect the match searching process. The HQ will feature an operator whom you have recently customized or chosen to play.

The operator button will remain in the HQ. You will still be able to change the settings of this operator in one click.


When a match is found, you will see your role and the map you will play on. Right after that you will be able to pick your operator. You will see operators on your account of the role that you have chosen before.

Players’ nicknames cannot be seen on the operator picking screen. However, Emblems will be visible, and your role will be marked in white.

Main rules:

  • Players in teams pick operators simultaneously. In the PvP and PvPvE game modes, both teams can pick the same operator of each role.
  • Picking time is limited.
  • If a player hasn't picked an operator before the time runs out, they will be given a random operator (excluding Recruits).
  • You can change your operator until the time runs out or your vote becomes a decider.
  • In the operator picking menu, there is a button for picking a random operator. If a player gets an operator they don't want to use, they can change their pick.

If on any pre-battle stage a player leaves the party, the match will be disbanded, and the culprit will receive a desertion penalty. This is to make sure neither team is disadvantaged.


While preparing for battle, every player can change their Skills, Reserves, Camos, Emotes and Executions for their chosen operator. You will be able to adapt to the map and other players’ operators.

The advantages of the new system come with a price: it will take more time to get into a battle. All changes present new challenges, but after playing a couple of matches, the strengths of the new system should be apparent.


In the Ranked Battles game mode, a game will start with banning maps, then picking and banning operators, and finally the battle preparation stage. There will be five stages in total.

This mode will be available to the players of Account Level 20 or higher. Players must also have at least three operators of the same role whose Level is 10 or higher. For example, if you don’t have three Support operators of at least Level 10, you will not be able to play this role.


The first stage of this game mode doesn’t differ from the other modes.

  1. Rank mode selection.
  2. Desired Roles selection.
  3. Readiness confirmation.
  4. Match searching.

On the second stage, players will see three random maps, and vote on a map they want to ban. You will play on the last remaining map.

To vote on a map, just left-click on it. The map with the most votes will be banned. The same goes for your opponents.

Voting will take place for all the players simultaneously. You will only see your teammates’ votes.

Map banning specifics:

  • If the opposing teams vote against two different maps, the remaining map will be played.
  • If both teams vote against the same map, the system will randomly pick one of the two remaining maps.
  • If a team casts an equal number of votes against two maps, one of these maps will be banned randomly.
  • If the players choose not to vote, the system will randomly pick one of the three offered maps.

In this stage, players will have to ban up to four operators. To vote, players can left-click the icon of the operator they want to ban from a battle.

Voting takes place simultaneously for both teams and is divided into two stages. To ban an operator, a team has to cast the most votes against them.

Bear in mind that bans work both ways. If you ban Bourbon, you will not be able to pick him yourself.

Main rules of banning:

  • Teams ban operators in turns. Both teams can pick the same operator of each role.
  • Each team can ban two operators of different roles.
  • An operator will be banned if the majority of a team votes against them.
  • If a team doesn’t vote on their turn, no operator will be banned.
  • A banned operator will be unavailable to both teams.

In the Ranked Battles, picking operators will follow certain rules. The main idea of these rules is to let players take their picks based on the opposing team’s line-up.

Main rules:

  • Teams pick operators in turns.
  • Picking time is limited.
  • You can change your pick until the time runs out or your vote becomes a decider.
  • In the operator picking menu, there is a button for picking a random operator.
  • You cannot pick Recruits.
  • If a player doesn’t pick anyone before the time runs out, the system will automatically pick a random operator of Level 10 or higher of the chosen role.

If on any pre-battle stage a player leaves the party, the match will be disbanded, and the culprit will receive a standard desertion penalty.


The last stage of this mode is no different to other game modes. Customize your operator to match the chosen map and other players’ operators.


The new battle entry system is a big new feature which will only get better with tweaking.

  • We’ve tried to make the process of picks and bans intuitive so new visual effects and sounds have been added as well. We will be able to understand how the new system performs after the release of version 0.19.0.
  • The same goes for the matchmaking system. All our changes have been aimed at decreasing the battle search time, as well as giving our players the opportunity to play on an even footing.

We will fix any issues and improve the system based on your feedback.

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