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April 10 — Hotfix

During maintenance on April 10, we introduced a number of changes and fixes connected with the incorrect performance of shaders, visual bugs of SSO RB "Bodyguards" Legendary Outfits, AI’s behavior on "Al-Rabad" map, interface issues and more.


  • Fixed a bug that enabled effects which are not available for low quality shaders. Now, players will not experience problems with effects while activating low quality shaders.
  • Added an option to select Spanish and Portuguese in the launcher.

Fixed a bug that made the "Hide non-historical camo used by other players" option hide some historical camos:

  • Assault Recruit: Max ‘Snappy’ Epic Outfit.
  • Support Recruit: Sergey ‘Bulldozer’ Epic Outfit.
  • Medic Recruit: Anton ‘Stab’ Epic Outfit.
  • Assault Recruit: Nico ‘Veslo’ Epic Outfit.
  • Vympel Assault Volk: "Bellwether" Epic Outfit.
  • AMF Marksman Vidarr: "Hunter" Epic Outfit.
  • SSO RB Collection: "Bodyguards" Legendary Outfits.



Assault Perun

Group A, Legendary Outfits:

  • OTs-27 Berdysh pistol: fixed typos in the secondary weapon description.


Assault Rein
  • Fixed the incorrect description of "Dead Calm" ability — it was identical to the descriptopn of GROM Assault Koszmar’s "Thunder" ability.


Marksman Avalanche
  • Fixed a bug that made "Advance" ability to remove teammates’ negative effects from their abilities.


  • SSO RB Collection, Assault Lazootchick, Medic Kaval, Marksman Busel, "Bodyguards" Legendary Outfits: fixed a number of visual bugs that made silencers of Walther CCP pistols in holsters to go through operators’ legs.
Assault Lazootchick
  • Fixed a visual bug of the Special Gear "Havoc 37mm Launcher" reloading animation. Now, the falling case fits the launcher’s breech lock.
  • Fixed an animation bug affecting the left hand of SSO RB Assault Lazootchick in "Bodyguard" Legendary Outfit.
Support Zubr
  • Fixed the incorrect name of the M240LWS primary weapon.


Assault Starkaðr
  • Fixed typos in "Berserkr" ability description.



  • "Al-Rabad" map was activated in the Onslaught mode.
PvE version

Onslaught mode:

  • Fixed a bug that affected bots’ behavior and made them inactive after spawning.
  • Fixed a bug that made an operator stuck and unable to get down from the crate near the burned SUV.
  • Fixed a bug that enabled players to defuse the bomb through the wall.
  • Fixed a bug that enabled players to jump down on the bomb.
  • Fixed an incorrect visual representation of the chemicals case delivery area.
PvP version

Ranked Battles:

  • Fixed a bug that made it possible to leave the infiltration area too early if someone climbed up a cover while sprinting.


  • Fixed a bug that made the completed task icon to appear in battles incorrectly.
  • "Point Sweep" and "Special Operation", "Forest" map: fixed localization bugs. Now, the English subtitles match the VO.
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