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Changes in the Prestige mechanics

Hello, everyone! Right now, our team is working hard on the next Caliber 0.20.2 update. And today, we are going to share the first details with you.

In the next version, several changes to the operators’ prestige mechanics will be implemented.

Changes outline:

  • Leveling up Prestige will no longer reset operators’ progress (levels and upgrades).
  • Each Prestige level will cost 420,000 Credits to activate.
  • To upgrade Prestige, an operator will need to have gained 120,000 XP.
  • Minor changes to rewards.


First, let’s refresh our memory on what Prestige is and why it is needed.

Prestige is an operator status that can be reached after completely maxing out an operator’s level. The Prestige Level info is displayed beside the operator’s portrait.

In the 0.18.0 update, we added the standard Prestige mechanic that you might have encountered in other games. The principle is simple — the player can pick their favorite character and level them up again, receiving rewards and getting to display the results of their dedication. So it’s basically a way for players to showcase their favorite character to others and let them know that they poured a lot of time and resources into upgrading said character’s Prestige.

It was our first attempt at this mechanic, and it showed us that, in the context of Caliber, it wasn’t the best way to implement Prestige.

Known issues:

1. Upgrading operators is of utmost importance in the Caliber.

Even if your operator boasts 30-odd Prestige levels, they would still lack some abilities if they don’t have all of their upgrades unlocked. Players would sacrifice useful upgrades that would have been an asset to their team.

And let’s not forget that the Ranked Battle mode requires the operator to be at least Level 10 to be used at all.

2. The reward is not very enticing.

The only reward was Extra XP that required players to spend Coins or Fragments to use. We decided to make the rewards more clear-cut and remove the gradually rising percentage of Extra XP.

Doing one of the following would have been enough to improve Prestige: either remove the level reset or give out better rewards. Both decisions would have drastically improved the Prestige mechanic.

But we have chosen to rework both of these aspects. Reaching a new level of Prestige should be exciting for a player, not saddle them with a whole bunch of grinding to do all over again. And the rewards should reflect the hard work of the Prestige level.


Any Level 15 (max) operator will now have a Prestige button on their page. When you press it and confirm your choice, the operator will gain their first Prestige level. The operator’s level icon will be replaced with a number on a golden plate. And the operator would remain just as strong as you’ve made them, with all the upgrades gained over time.

This action costs 420,000 Credits. The cost isn’t just a random number — it is the same as the total cost of leveling up an operator. Each Prestige level up will cost the same amount.

To raise the Prestige level, just keep using the operator in battles. As soon as you gain another 120,000 XP, the button to raise the Prestige level will appear again.


At the moment of writing, Prestige raises the amount of Extra XP gained in battles. The higher the Prestige, the more Extra XP is gained.

With the release of the 0.20.2 update, the Extra XP bonus — +15% — will only be awarded upon reaching the first level of Prestige.

By reaching Prestige level 5, the operator will acquire a unique Superiority Emote that can only be acquired through Prestige levels.


Since the Prestige mechanics are going to be reworked, all players who have any of their operators with at least one Prestige level, but do not have all of their upgrades unlocked, will retain all acquired XP. They will also be able to unlock any remaining upgrades up to level 15 for free.


This is the first iteration of Prestige changes. We will continue to observe players’ behavior in order to determine the appeal of Prestige.

We already have ideas on how to improve the Superiority Emote. There are also plans to expand the list of rewards.

Show off your favorite operators to other players by raising their Prestige levels. See you on the battlefield!

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