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Lowering Our Prices!

Hello! We have some good news! We have decided to lower our prices.

On the website, Coins will cost significantly less, which means that every game item will become more affordable too. Premium and the majority of Packs will enjoy price reductions.

In the game client, prices will also change for the items that can be purchased with an in-game currency.

Moreover, because the value of Credits will change, we will adjust the content of Special Offers in the game client and on the website. Starting from the version 0.21.1, the currency conversion rate will look like this: 1 Coin equals 50 Credits.

Prices will change on September 13 after the maintenance.


In the game client, items can be purchased with various types of in-game currency: Coins and Fragments. Sometimes items featured on the Store Showcase can be purchased with Credits, but such occasions are rare. Here is a table with the most significant price changes.


As you can see, prices will become lower for almost all types of items.

Being one of a kind items, Emblems and HQ backgrounds are the only exception here. For example, in contrast to Camos, players don’t have to acquire these items for each of 68 operators who are now in the game. This is why we are establishing the balance we have always wanted to achieve.

  • Common Emblems will cost significantly less in Coins, but more in Credits. Uncommon and Rare Emblems will become more expensive in every currency.
  • HQ backgrounds of all rarity types will become less expensive in Coins, but less affordable when purchasing with Fragments and Credits. A compensation for receiving the same HQ background will become bigger just like a compensation for its parts from Battle Passes.

We haven’t mentioned Epic and Legendary Outfits in the table. These items are special, and their prices in the game client shall remain unchanged. However, please keep in mind that Coins will become more affordable.


On the website, all types of items will enjoy a price reduction except for Special Offers which were added in April, 2023. We created them with the idea that they should cost less, so their prices shall remain unchanged.


The packs that contain Credits from both the website and the game client will cost the same, but the number of Credits will be increased. Because the value of this currency will become lower, we will add more of it to the packs.


One Army Surplus container will cost 250 Coins instead of 400.

Because the value of the majority of items in Fragments will become lower, we will change the chance of receiving this currency from 16,98% to 10,10% while keeping the number of Fragments unchanged.

Also, we will add an opportunity to purchase not just one, but two and more containers. This feature can be applied to all entities that can be purchased more than once.

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