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Caliber+: Forget about operator upgrades!

Now there are two Calibers!

The free-to-play version, and a «complete» version: Caliber+.

You still can play Caliber as a free-to-play game, but if you dislike the long-winded levelling and upgrading of the operators, then be sure to check out Caliber+.

It will turn the good old free-to-play Caliber into a more «complete» version, allowing players to focus on battles without wasting their time and Credits on upgrading their operators.

Caliber+ will remove the chore of grinding from the game, forever. Any newly-bought operator will start at their max level. This applies to all collections, including future ones.

With Caliber+, you will no longer need Manuals to change your upgrades.

All you have to do is buy the alternative upgrade using Credits, and then switch between them for free. This change applies to all Caliber players and does not require active Caliber+.

If you don’t fancy the Caliber+ price, then you can lower it! Just keep playing the free-to-play version, and as soon as you upgrade enough operators, you’ll get a discounted offer.

How many other games lower their prices while you play them?

Caliber veterans who are fast enough to upgrade all 72 operators (including recruits) before maintenance on January 17, 2024, will get a temporary offer to upgrade to Caliber+ for free.

And that’s just some of the benefits of Caliber+. But we’ll get into that more shortly.

This article will explain:

  • What is Caliber+?
  • How do I get Caliber+?
  • Discount for Caliber veterans.
  • Operator sets with Caliber+.
  • Alternative upgrades without Manuals.
  • Frequently asked questions.


Caliber+ is a product that allows you to gain special account status:

  • Play with max level operators only. You won’t have to spend time and Credits to upgrade. When you buy an operator, they will be added to your account fully prepared for battle, at max level and using the default upgrades set*.

*The default upgrades have the optimal upgrade set, so that your new operators can be prepared for battle from the get-go. If needed, alternative upgrades can be purchased using Credits.

  • Get operators and their personal skills faster. You won’t have to spend 420,000 Credits to upgrade an operator anymore. Instead, use this currency to buy new operators and reach their max skill level.
  • Simplified access to Ranked Battles. As your operators will be fully upgraded, all you need to participate in Ranked Battles are three operators of the same role, and an account level of 20 or higher.
  • Access to User Battle creation. You’ll have permanent access to the User Battles creation even without active Premium.
  • Access to expanded account statistics. Track the stats of your K/D/A in ranked battles, and extensive data on your playing: eliminations, support, healing, damage dealt, and hours played as each class and in every mode—forever, no Premium required.


Soon Caliber+ will become available for purchase on the official website. There will be a 15% discount until January 3.

A bit later Caliber+ will be released on Steam and VK Play with the same discount dedicated to the release on these platforms.

Caliber veterans whose accounts fit the criteria listed below will be able to buy Caliber+ in the game client using Coins at a discount, or even get it for free.


Caliber veterans have spent a lot of time and energy upgrading their operators. We want to thank you for your efforts by offering you bonuses, depending on the amount of fully upgraded operators you have on your account (including recruits).

1. Players with 35+ fully upgraded operators:

You can buy Caliber+ right in the game client with a 25% discount using Coins. It will cost 9,000 Coins.

2. Players with 50+ fully upgraded operators:

You can buy Caliber+ right in the game client with a 37% discount using Coins. It will cost 7,500 Coins.

Offers #1 and #2 are not time-dependent, and every player can get them if they fully upgrade 35 or 50 operators.

3. Players with all 72 fully upgraded operators:

You can get Caliber+ for free.

To do so, you have to enter the game between December 20, 2023 and January 17, 2024 (before maintenance starts), open the «Progress Boost» tab (previously named «Premium») and click on the «Free» button.

Along with Caliber+, you will get special customization elements as a token of our gratitude. These will remain exclusive forever.



You can get the execution and emote for all operators available in your game as of December 20, 2023 — including the new SAS collection.



Offer #3 is available from December 20, 2023 to January 17, 2024 (before maintenance starts). You will have to completely upgrade all 72 operators (including recruits) before the end date to be able to claim Caliber+ and the exclusive customization elements. These items will not be added automatically. You will have to manually claim them in the "Progress Boost" tab (previously named "Premium").


We have prepared the Caliber+ Operators: Gold set, which will allow players to start playing Caliber with ease.

The Caliber+ Operators: Gold bundle is available for purchase on the official website. There will be a 15% discount until January 3.

A bit later the Caliber+ Operators: Gold will be released on Steam and VK Play with the same discount dedicated to the release on these platforms.


It will become simpler to switch between upgrades for operators.

Version 0.22.1 will make it easy to buy alternative upgrades using Credits. It will be possible to switch between them for free without using Manuals.

The new change will affect all players, including those who don’t have Caliber+.

Manuals will disappear from the game. Your remaining total will be converted to Credits after maintenance on December 20.


How long will Caliber+ last if I buy it?
Will Caliber+ affect new operators?
Yes, it will.
What upgrades will operators have when bought with active Caliber+?
They will have the default upgrades. You can check the default upgrades for operators you don’t have in the operator customization screen.
I already bought some upgrades for an operator. What will happen to them if I buy Caliber+?
The upgrades that you have already bought will remain unchanged. The rest will be chosen according to the default upgrades set.
Do the Recruits count among the total number of operators needed to get a discount?
Yes, they count.
Do operators with Prestige count among the total number of operators needed to get a discount?
Yes, they count.
How much time do I have to buy Caliber+ with Coins at a discount?
You have unlimited time to do so.
I have almost all of the operators upgraded. What will happen if I finish upgrading the rest of them after the update comes out?
It is possible to get the unique customization elements and Caliber+ for free only if your account fits all the criteria listed before January 17, 2024 (before maintenance starts).
What will happen if I buy Caliber+ on one of the platforms, then buy it once again on another one?
You will be compensated the cost of the game: 12,000 Coins.
Will the choice of new alternative upgrades only be available to Caliber+ players?
No. They will work for all players.
Will Caliber+ players be separated from the rest of the playerbase?
No. All the players will play together, just like before.
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