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New Contracts system

With Update 0.10.0 Caliber will get a new system called Contracts. It’s created to let the players collect necessary materials and speed up their operator progress.

Contracts are a game mechanic for collecting rewards without the player’s involvement. They become available at account level 15. When first learning about the mechanic, the player will see a notification in their HQ which will inform of the appearance of a new section in the game menu and of Contracts basics.

How it works

There are six types of contracts.

Access to Contracts of various difficulty levels is unlocked as the player’s account progresses.

Risk is a general measure of the contract’s difficulty and reward. The higher the risk, the higher the reward for its completion. However, the conditions for riskier Contracts get more difficult to fulfill, as operator level and role requirements become more stringent.

To start a Contract, you’ll need to select it on the map and press the Assemble the Squad button. Each Contract has one to four operator slots, which all need to be filled. Slots can have extra conditions — the operator’s role and level. While the Contract is being completed, the operators become unavailable for battle.

Once all the requirements are met, the button with the Contract start price becomes active. Pressing it starts a timer. The timer counts down without the player and will keep going even while the game is closed. Once the Contract’s timer runs out, the player will receive its rewards. To collect them, they’ll need to open the Contracts screen in the game again, select the now-finished contract and press the Collect button.

The Contract can be changed for in-game currency (the cost and currency depend on the Contract’s type) if the reward doesn’t suit you. However, the new Contract will also be generated randomly. An ongoing Contract can be cancelled. When cancelling a Contract, regardless of the remaining time, the player won’t receive the rewards or even a part of them. The cost paid to start the Contract won’t be reimbursed either.

Pandora’s Contract

Let’s use Euphoria as an example of a Pandora’s Contract. Unlike other Contracts which cost Credits to start, launching a Pandora’s Contract costs 100 Coins — however, it’s also much more lucrative.

Agent Pandora

In the world of Caliber there exist agents — suppliers of valuable intel. They’re interested in selling this intel to the operators. Agents safely sell data for a modest fee while the operators can risk their lives to earn a fortune with the help of said data. Pandora is the codename of one such agent. During this season they’re the only one supplying the operators with Contracts, but in the future the agents will play a larger role, including in other Caliber modes.

Euphoria can take one to four operators of any role. The Contract will last for 2 real-time hours. The reward is 14 300 XP for each operator, as well as 40 Blueprints and 50 Encryption Codes. In addition, once the Contract is completed, the player will receive a Pandora Contract Supply Container as a reward.

Each Pandora Contract Supply Container has three slots. Each slot contains one of the following bundles of Materials:

We’ll assemble a team of four VYMPEL operators (though the conditions didn’t restrict us in roles or number of participants). Strelok in the team has a legendary camouflage which will mean all operators will receive 10% more XP once the Contract is completed.

We press the button with the Coins icon, pay for the Contract and wait. Two hours later, the Contract’s screen will get a notification. The rewards are ready to be collected.

Contract bonuses

Players with Premium have access to a Premium Contract. It is refreshed daily, requires two operators and lasts for four hours. Its rewards include a large amount of XP and two containers: Premium Contract Material Container and Premium Contract Supply Container.

The Premium Contract Material Container has three slots. Each slot contains one of the following bundles of Materials:

The Premium Contract Supply Container also has three slots. Each contains either 8 units of Materials of any one kind, 3 XP Boosters or 3 Credit Boosters.

The players can also send operators that have a legendary camouflage unlocked out on Contracts. A team that has at least one operator with a legendary camouflage will receive +10% XP for every Contract participant. If the team has more than one operator with a legendary camouflage, the bonus doesn’t increase and remains at 10%.

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