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Memo: Caliber's Item Exclusivity Period

Hello, everyone!

Today we want to talk about the item exclusivity period in Caliber, and share some info that will help you determine when items will turn up in Army Surplus Containers or on the shelves of our digital store.


The new Caliber items are distributed in different ways. Some can be obtained from a new Battle Pass, while some are awarded for participating in Events. But sometimes, very rarely, we add completely new items to our digital store Showcase, which are available to purchase for a limited time.

Each new item has its own exclusivity period, depending on its type, rarity, and the way it was previously distributed.

An exclusivity period is a window of time that renders an item unobtainable by any other means. The period starts when the event where the item was first made available ends.

But why is the exclusivity period needed? Why not simply sell the new items after the end of an event?

Since it's possible to obtain almost all items by completing in-game activities in Caliber, we want to give the most dedicated players who wish to support our project a way to stand out from the crowd.

The rarer an event is, the more exclusive its items are.


For your convenience, we have prepared a memo outlining the exclusivity mechanics in version 0.22.1. Of course, if any changes are to be implemented, we will make another announcement.

Important: an item’s exclusivity period starts when the event where the item was first made available ends.

  • New operators will be available for purchase with Credits and Coins after six months. They can be added to the Operators of the Week rotation after another three months.
  • New Battle Pass and Showcase items remain exclusive for six months. They can then appear in Army Surplus Containers or in the store Showcase. After a year, they become available for purchase with Fragments at any time.
  • New items from other events, such as Marathons, can appear in Army Surplus Containers after six months, and can occasionally appear in the store Showcase in the game client after a year.
  • New Special Event items — New Year, Victory Day, Halloween — can only be obtained during an event re-run, i.e. once per year, when the holiday comes back around.
  • New items from Twitch Drops and items related to April 1 will remain exclusive for one year. After that, they can appear in Army Surplus Containers and in the store Showcase, as well as become available for purchase with Fragments at any time.
  • Items from the Ranked Armory can enter rotation in the Event Showcase, but they will never be sold for Coins, Fragments or real money.
  • Early Access items and items created specifically for Polygon participants will remain permanently exclusive.

All the time periods listed in this article are tentative. Item availability changes coincide with new update releases.

So, the actual date when an item becomes available again depends on the release date of the new version of Caliber. This means that an item might be released a little earlier or a little later, relative to the dates listed in the table.

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