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Threshold mode: UI improvements

We continue our work to improve Threshold mode.

In version 0.22.0 you’ll see not only the new Depot map, but also some improvements to the UI.

We plan to make the UI more informative and intuitive, which should have a positive impact on gameplay.

  1. Respawn timers will now be displayed next to the list of eliminated operators on the side panels. You will be able to see the respawn times for both your and enemy teammates. Use this information to better plan your tactics.
  2. The information about planting explosives on AA systems will now also be displayed in the top panel, so the most important data is always easily visible.
  3. An icon will be displayed on the side panel next to the portrait of the teammate who is carrying a bomb.
  4. We’ve also made some changes and improvements to the Spectator UI.

Our efforts to improve the UI don’t end here. We plan to make it even better in future versions, so that planning your tactics and spectating matches can become ever more convenient.

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