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User Battles: Tournament Modes and Pausing

Hello, everyone!

In the next version, we will expand the functionality of User Battles.

We will add tournament versions of some modes with an expanded map banning stage, non-mirrored operator selection, and the ability to pause mid-battle.


Two new special modes will appear in User Battles: Tournament: Hacking and Tournament: Threshold. The former will follow Ranked rules and the latter will not differ from the normal version, except for friendly fire.

The main changes will be featured in the battle preparation stages.


The number of maps in the map banning stage will be increased compared to Ranked Mode. Tournament: Hacking will have 9 maps, and Tournament: Threshold will have 5.

The teams will take turns banning maps until there is only one left. The team that goes first in the map banning stage will ban operators second.

We have picked the most popular maps for Tournament: Hacking, while Tournament: Threshold will have all maps available for picking.


The list of available maps is subject to change in the future. Please share your feedback, as it influences our decisions.


Operator selection in Tournaments will be non-mirrored. Meaning if you pick Koszmar, the opposing team won’t be able to do the same.


To let players deal with potential technical difficulties, we will add the ability to pause the game.

This was a conscious decision, knowing that some players may try and abuse pausing to gain an unfair advantage.

So there will be some restrictions on the pause function.

  • Pausing will only be possible in User Battles.
  • Each team can pause the game no more than 5 times in a given battle. The maximum duration of one pause is 5 minutes.
  • Any player can pause the game. Spectators can’t pause the game.
  • Any player on the team that paused the game can un-pause it.
  • Press [F9] to pause the game.
  • The game pauses with a delay of 1 second, so that other players don’t end up in an unfavorable position. The game un-pauses with a delay of 3 seconds.
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