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League of Fire Battle Pass 101

On Wednesday, April 7th, Caliber will see the beginning of its fourth Battle Pass, League of Fire, celebrating the 0.10.0 release and the release of the Spanish unit EZAPAC. Each Caliber player who has reached Account Level 11 will be a participant in the Battle Pass.

A Battle Pass is a time-limited event within which the players receive an extra type of XP for battles. Collecting this XP, the players grow in Battle Pass level and earn rewards.

The Battle Pass lasts for eight weeks, from April 7th to June 2nd, 2021.

Two Battle Pass types are in place:

Free. Any player that has reached Account Level 11 will be taking part. Free Battle Pass rewards are given at certain levels. In total, there are 22 rewards for participants at different levels of the Free Battle Pass.

Paid. A special boost for people who wish to receive all the rewards included in the event. It can be purchased from inside the game client for 2500 Coins. It’s also available starting at Level 11.

The progress bar of the League of Fire Battle Pass consists of 80 levels.

At the 40th and the 80th levels owners of the paid Battle Pass will be awarded with new Ezapac operators: Miguel, Medic and Diablo, Marksman.

Epic outfits, emblems and other exclusive rewards from the Battle Pass will remain unique for three months after its end. There will be no other way to obtain them.

Battle Pass rewards

The paid Battle Pass rewards:



 The Battle Pass rewards that are available to all players:

How do I obtain the XP needed to grow in Battle Pass level?

The progress bar is filled with XP equal to the basic XP you receive for battles. If you have Premium, the Battle Pass progress bar will receive an extra +30% bonus to event XP. The regular XP bonus for Premium (+100%) isn’t applied.

For example, if you’ve earned 1000 XP (resulting from a battle before taking into account Premium and other boosts), the Battle Pass progress bar will also fill by 1000 XP. If you have Premium, it’ll earn you 30% more Battle Pass XP.


I already have an operator I’m supposed to receive as a reward for the Battle Pass. Will I be compensated?

Yes, you will be compensated. If you’ve already purchased Miguel or Diablo, then you’ll receive 4000 Coins for each instead of the operator, once you reach the respective levels.

Can I purchase levels?

Yes. You can purchase the amount of levels you desire. You can do this by going to the Battle Pass screen in the client and pressing the level on the progress bar. The Purchase Level button will appear to the right, under the picture with the rewards.

The level’s value is calculated based on event XP. The purchase price is converted from missing XP at a rate of 1 Coin to 19 Battle Pass XP.

This means that you can purchase a level even if you’ve already partially filled it with XP.

Can I purchase all the rewards at once?

Yes. You can purchase all the rewards at once. You can do so at the Battle Pass purchase screen by pressing the Purchase Battle Pass Set button. The cost of all the rewards, including the two EZAPAC operators, is 70 309 Coins.

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