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Not a Step Back Common Cause


It’s time for the Caliber community to come together. The Common Cause is waiting! Only by your combined efforts and flawless teamwork will you be able to complete all of the frontline stages and get valuable rewards, together.

And remember: not a step back.

Common Cause is similar to a Battle Pass. It has two progress branches. The first shares progress between all players, and the second considers your personal impact on the cause. You must pass all frontlines by joined effort. Rewards will be available for all players of Account level 3 and higher who participate in the event.

The main part of the event will last from April 24 to May 15. The Event Armory will be available until May 22.


You have to earn Combat Merits to move the frontline. They can be earned by winning battles in any game mode, except Practice, Tutorial, and User Battles.

The line will move upon reaching the next frontline stage. Movement progress can be observed right on the event map in the Common Cause tab.

You must complete all 13 stages to reach the main reward. Objective difficulty differs from stage to stage. You can learn the amount of Combat Merits needed to reach the next stage after meeting the requirement for the current stage.


Remember: each member’s impact is vital! The more battles the community wins, the faster the frontline will move.

Your very own personal Objective will be waiting at every stage of the Common Cause. Complete it to get a well-deserved reward once you proceed to the next step.

You can claim your Personal Impact Objective reward only after the community has collectively moved to the next stage of Common Cause. At the last stage, you just have to reach the end.

You’ll get access to more Personal Impact Objectives as the community progresses through the stages. The maximum number of these objectives is 13.

Don’t forget to claim your rewards before May 22 (7:30 AM UTC) on the Common Cause screen, because they won’t get added to your account automatically.


The first method for earning Combat Merits is to win battles. The harder the mode, the more rewards you’ll get.

The second is to complete Objectives and their stages. Completing Objectives is not only necessary to push the frontline faster, but also earns you Envelopes.

Envelopes are used to buy items in the Event Armory, call in reinforcements, and, of course, launch fireworks.



Speed up frontline movement and your Personal Impact Objective progress by using Not a Step Back Event boosters!

You can buy them at the event screen for just 10 Envelopes.


Another way to speed things up is calling in reinforcements! Request a Shelling, Airstrike, or Supply right on the Common Cause screen. This will move along community progress, and help you complete your active Personal Impact Objective faster.

Requests for reinforcements will be visible to all players who have the Common Cause window open at that moment.

  • Requesting a Shelling lets you fire shells beyond the frontline. This earns 60 Combat Merits towards Common Cause progress and your Personal Impact Objective. Cost: 15 Envelopes.
  • Requesting a Supply lets you deliver supplies into allied territory. This earns 100 Combat Merits towards Common Cause progress and your Personal Impact objective. Cost: 20 Envelopes.
  • Requesting an Airstrike lets you bomb enemy territory. This earns 240 Combat Merits towards Common Cause progress and your Personal Impact objective. Cost: 30 Envelopes.


All players taking part in the event will get rewards for reaching new stages on the frontline. There are 13 Not a Step Back and 13 Personal Impact rewards.


Push the frontline back together with the community to earn them all!


A special store will be open during the event, where you can spend your Envelopes on thematic items or buy Envelopes with Coins.

Items available for purchase:

1. Not a Step Back Container. Can contain random thematic customization items for your operator and account, as well as Premium, currency, and Team Reserves. 

Three slots. Cost: 22 Envelopes or 200,000 Credits.

  • You have a small chance to obtain the Afghan Legendary Outfit for Support Kit from the Container.
  • There’s also a small chance to obtain the following items from Containers: Victory Day 2020 and The Weapon of Victory HQ Backgrounds, and Standard-Bearer and Tommy Epic Outfits for Marksman Tien and Support Bishop, respectively. Each 30th Container you open is guaranteed to contain one of these items, if not yet obtained.

2. 20 Envelopes. Can be used to buy goods in the Event Armory, launch fireworks, and request reinforcements.

Cost: 500 Coins.

3. Not a Step Back Event booster. Provides +200% Combat Merits for a victory. Single use.

Cost: 10 Envelopes.

The Event boosters and the Envelopes can be purchased until May 15, and the Not a Step Back Containers and fireworks can be purchased before the maintenance starts on May 22.


Celebrate Victory Day by launching fireworks!

Every player can launch one for the whole server to see! There will be three types to choose from: regular, multicolor, and signature. When bought, all of these will be put in a shared queue to be launched. Signature fireworks are also accompanied by the name of the launching player.

  • Regular fireworks: 3 single-color salvos, plus congratulations in the chat. Cost: 2 Envelopes or 25,000 Credits.
  • Multicolor fireworks: 13 multicolor salvos, plus congratulations in the chat. Cost: 5 Envelopes.
  • Signature fireworks: 40 multicolor salvos, plus congratulations on behalf of the player in the chat. Cost: 8 Envelopes.


All of the unused Not a Step Back Event boosters will be converted into Credits on May 15, and all the unused Envelopes — on May 22.


Will I be able to complete a particular Personal Impact Objective as soon as the community unlocks it?
Yes, but only if you have completed all of the previous ones. You won’t be able to skip to a particular Objective without completing the rest.

You have to complete Personal Impact Objectives in the order they are unlocked.
If I call in reinforcements after finishing a Personal Impact Objective, but before the current stage of the Common Cause is completed, will the Combat Merits be counted towards the next Personal Impact Objective?
No, the next Objective remains inaccessible until the current Common Cause stage is completed. But all the extra Combat Merits earned on top of the current Personal Impact Objective will be added to the shared Common Cause total.
Will I be able to claim the rewards without participating in the event if I log in into the game after the active part of the event is over?
No. Common Cause rewards can only be claimed if you have earned at least 1 Combat Merit. Make sure to earn Combat Merits during the main part of the event.

The main part of the event will last from April 24 to May 15 (until 7:30 AM UTC).
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