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May 22 to June 5: New Perspective Event

Hello, everyone!

The New Perspective Event will take place in Caliber from May 22 to June 5. The event commemorates first-person view: Showdown: First-Person View will be available as part of the first week of the event, and Annihilation: First-Person View in the second.

It will be impossible to switch to third-person view in these game modes. Fog of War will also be active during the event.

Fog of War is a modifier that disables markers, outlines, and HP and effect displays for all players. Aim at a teammate or enemy to see more information about them.


By completing the first stage of the Daily Objectives, for completing all three Weekly Objectives, and for each Elite Objective, you can obtain an additional reward: a New Perspective Event Container.

Customization elements, Fragments, Credits, and Team Reserves can be found in these Containers.

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