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Caliber+ lets players save time and Credits when upgrading their operators, and grants permanent access to User Battle creation and expanded account statistics.

  • Your operators will always be at maximum level. All previously purchased and newly-bought operators will always enjoy the maximum level with the default upgrades.*
  • Get operators and their personal skills faster. You won’t have to spend Credits to upgrade an operator anymore. Instead, use this currency to buy new operators and alternative upgrades.
  • Access to User Battle creation. You’ll have permanent access to the User Battles creation even without active Premium.
  • Access to expanded account statistics. Track the stats of your K/D/A in ranked battles, and extensive data on your playing: eliminations, support, healing, damage dealt, and hours played as each class and in every mode.

*The default upgrades have the optimal upgrade set, so that your new operators can be prepared for battle from the get-go. If needed, alternative upgrades can be purchased using Credits.