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Bishop Hooligan
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Operator | TFB

Bishop stands out due to his resilience and a talent to catch his enemies off guard. He has high HP and Armor, and his Jammer will slow enemies down and block their abilities, making them easy targets for his LL110A1 LMG and L105A2 pistol.

If this item is already on your account, you will receive compensation in Credits equal to its full value in the client.

L110A1 machine gun
L110A1 machine gun
L105A2 pistol
L105A2 pistol
L109A1 fragmentation grenade
L109A1 fragmentation grenade
Jammer ability
Jammer ability
Legendary outfit | TFB

Hooligan is a legendary outfit for TFB Support Bishop

Includes alternate main weapon L110A3 with Mark 4 HAMR scope. Also includes alternate secondary weapon SIG Sauer P320.

If you own a legendary outfit for an operator, you'll receive +25% XP while playing them, regardless of whether the legendary outfit is equipped.


If this item is already on your account, you will receive compensation — 3600 Fragments.

Premium – 30 days

Benefits of Premium:

  • Access to expanded Stats: follow both your and other players’ progress.
  • Ability to create User Battles.
  • +20% XP if all members of the squad have Premium.
  • +10% XP for all members of the squad.
  • +100% XP for all types of combat.
  • +5% Extra XP for all types of combat.
  • +30% XP for every new Battle Pass.

XP lets you research new upgrades for the operator.

Extra XP lets you upgrade any operator you want.

3 Enhanced XP Boosters

A XP Booster has a capacity of 20,000 XP and gets you +200% XP per battle.

XP Boosters allow earning more XP in battles and accumulating it faster so as to exchange it for Credits.