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Bourbon Druid
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Operator | SEAL

Bourbon is armed with an Mk 48 machine gun which boasts a 100-bullet ammo belt, which lets him shoot for a while without reloading. Bourbon's ability, Crackdown, stuns an enemy damaged by the machine gun's fire for a second, while at the same time removing debuffs affecting mobility from allies. His Special Gear is an M79 handheld grenade launcher. When upgraded, the grenades be fitted with delayed-action charges, which lets him send unexpected explosive presents to the enemy.

If this item is already on your account, you will receive compensation in Credits equal to its full value in the client.

Mk 48 machine gun
Mk 48 machine gun
Mk 25 pistol
Mk 25 pistol
M79 40mm hand grenade launcher
M79 40mm hand grenade launcher
Crackdown ability
Crackdown ability
Epic outfit | SEAL

An alternate outfit with a scope for Mk 48 primary weapon.


If this item is already on your account, you will receive compensation — 1800 Fragments.

3500 Coins

Coins can be used to purchase:

  • Operators.
  • Days of Premium to speed up your progress and increase rewards for various activities.
  • Customization options: emblems and outfits.
  • Emotes and executions. These will add variety to your communication with other players.
  • In-game special offers.
  • Extra XP, which can be used to upgrade operators.

Coins can be exchanged for Credits.

Premium - 7 days

Benefits of Premium:

  • Access to expanded Stats: follow both your and other players’ progress.
  • Ability to create User Battles.
  • +20% XP if all members of the squad have Premium.
  • +10% XP for all members of the squad.
  • +100% XP for all types of combat.
  • +5% Extra XP for all types of combat.
  • +30% XP for every new Battle Pass.

XP lets you research new upgrades for the operator.

Extra XP lets you upgrade any operator you want.