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Reinforcements Have Arrived
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The bundle contains
Premium – 30 days

Benefits of a Premium account:

  • +20% XP if all members of the squad have Premium.
  • +10% XP for all members of the squad.
  • +100% XP for all types of combat.
  • +5% Free XP for all types of combat.
  • +30% XP for every new Battle Pass.

XP lets you research new upgrades for the operator.

Free XP lets you upgrade any operator you want.

3000 Coins

Coins can be used to purchase:

  • Operators. Buying characters with coins is more efficient than with credits.
  • Days of Premium. It speeds up the game's progress and increases rewards for various activities.
  • Customization options: emblems, camo and outfits.
  • Emotes and executions . These will add variety to your communication with other players.
  • In-game special offers.
  • Free XP. It can be used to upgrade operators.

Coins can be exchanged for Credits.