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Velour Mercenary
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Operator | RAID

Velour is armed with a rapid-fire P90 submachine gun, which makes him extremely dangerous in close combat. With the help of his Patch ability, he drops a bag that not only heals allies, but also restores their armor. Fully upgraded, Velour becomes extremely hardy: the durations of Slowed and Stunned effects on him are halved, and he has much more time to crawl to cover when seriously injured. Velour is always ready to cover his allies with smoke from his GL06 grenade launcher.

If this item is already on your account, you will receive compensation in Credits equal to its full value in the client.

FN P90 submachine gun
FN P90 submachine gun
Glock 26 pistol
Glock 26 pistol
GL06 smoke grenade launcher
GL06 smoke grenade launcher
Patch ability
Patch ability
Legendary outfit | RAID

Mercenary is a legendary outfit for RAID Medic Velour.

Contains alternate scope Comp M2 for the primary weapon.

If you own a legendary outfit for an operator, you'll receive +25% XP while playing them, regardless of whether the legendary outfit is equipped.


If this item is already on your account, you will receive compensation — 3600 Fragments.

Premium – 30 days

Benefits of Premium:

  • Access to expanded Stats: follow both your and other players’ progress.
  • Ability to create User Battles.
  • +20% XP if all members of the squad have Premium.
  • +10% XP for all members of the squad.
  • +100% XP for all types of combat.
  • +5% Extra XP for all types of combat.
  • +30% XP for every new Battle Pass.

XP lets you research new upgrades for the operator.

Extra XP lets you upgrade any operator you want.

3 Enhanced XP Boosters

A XP Booster has a capacity of 20,000 XP and gets you +200% XP per battle.

XP Boosters allow earning more XP in battles and accumulating it faster so as to exchange it for Credits.