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Match replays: recording and playback

Caliber has a feature allowing you to automatically record replays of matches you participate in. It’s disabled by default, but sometimes a replay is necessary: for example, the support might request one when investigating a complaint about a player. In addition, replays are used by those making Caliber video content — they are invaluable for showing off great moments from interesting angles.

How to toggle automatic replay recording on:

  • Go to the Replay menu in the upper right corner of the game’s main menu.
  • Press the “Replay recording” button. A red icon will indicate that replay recording is on.

How to watch a replay:

  • In the replay menu pick the one you want and press the Play button.
  • Replays are saved in chronological order according to the matches played.
  • The replay’s entry contains some info about it - date, map, list of participants and other data.

How to send a replay to support:

  • Go to the Replay menu.
  • Select the Replay you need.
  • Press the “Open the replay folder” button.
  • The game will minimize and the local folder with the replays will open.
  • Since files are given unique names, you’ll need to find the required replay according to the timeline of matches played or by looking at the first few symbols in the name.
  • Attach that file to the message you send to support.

In the game’s settings, in the Controls tab, there’s a section for replay hotkeys. By default, replays use these keys.

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