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Bounty Hunting in-game event: rewards and terms

Starting June 8th, the Bounty Hunting in-game event will launch in Caliber. During the event you’ll be able to earn a reward for eliminating an enemy character controlled by a 1C Games Studios employee. The reward you’re fighting for includes 55 000 Credits, an animation of the winner’s choice, and, of course, glory and fame for the quickest gun in Karhad and Zalessye.

To participate in the event, just play Caliber and, upon meeting a developer in the enemy team, eliminate them according to the hunt’s rules.

Rules of the Bounty Hunt

The Goal

  • Encounter a player that’s currently being hunted in one of these modes — Showdown, Hacking or Frontline.
  • Within a single round, eliminate the player. It’s important that both actions — the incapacitation and the execution — are performed by the same person.
  • Send a replay of the match via personal message to Caliber’s community manager via VKontakte or Discord (BadBishop#1046)

The Reward

The first player to send a replay with the hunted developer’s elimination will receive:

  1.  55 000 Credits;
  2. Any one execution animation for an operator bundle (excluding recruits) picked from among those shown:
  • Nothing personal!;
  • Kick him!;
  • Farewell of Slavianka;
  • Sure shot;
  • Sapper’s greeting;
  • Don’t get up!;
  • Heartbreaker;
  • Au revoir;
  • Krav maga
  • Unicorn;
  • Last embrace;
  • This is Karkhad!

The Terms

The beginning of the hunt. The hunt for a player begins when their nickname is shown in the “Bounty hunting: targets” discussion in VKontakte or the Discord channel by the same name #bounty-hunting. Watch for updates in the list of the bounties, it’ll get new entries.

The end of the hunt. The hunt for a player ends when a post is made in the official Caliber VKontakte community and in the #news_announcements channel on the game’s Discord server.

The bounty. The reward for the developer’s character’s head will be given to the first person to send a replay that meets the event’s terms. A breach in the Rules of Conduct during the battle seen in the replay will not only lead to just punishment, but also to disqualification from the event. A single player can complete several bounties and, as a result, receive several rewards. Fulfilling the terms multiple times during a single match will not result in higher rewards (you can’t incapacitate and execute a hunted player across three rounds and receive three rewards for it).

The event’s end

The Bounty Hunting event will continue until the final target is eliminated.

See you on the battlefield!

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