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Brothers in Arms creative contest: terms and rewards

From June 8th to June 25th we invite our players to take part in the Brothers in Arms creative contest that is planned to accompany the approaching release of the 0.11.0 Update.

The contest is very simple. Think of and describe a fictional character for Caliber based on a character from any work of fiction: film, cartoon, book, comic or any other form of art. The character you envision should have some main characteristics, similar to already existing Caliber operators: a primary weapon, a secondary weapon, special gear and a primary ability. At the same time, the character should match the setting they come from rather than Caliber’s world.

Don’t arm Robin Hood with an M16 assault rifle - give him a tactical bow and make sand in his pocket his main ability.

The submission should also include a short note on why the specific abilities and weapons have been picked for the character. This is important for cases where the members of the jury don’t know the character you’ve picked and the context in which you’re picking their characteristics.

For example, if you’ve picked John McClaine from the Die Hard series, mention that you’re arming him with the HK MP5 SMG because he wielded it in one of the most recognizable scenes in the first film.

In the Brothers in Arms contest, the only things that are being evaluated are the basic idea of the character and how well it matches the source in its characteristics: role and equipment. In other words, just a simple text description is enough. However, you can make an operator’s card, place the character on a screenshot from the game or do something else like that. But, again - in this contest, substance is more important than style.

There will be three winning places with the same award for each. The best submissions will be chosen by a jury made up of employees from Caliber’s game design department.

The prize for an original work is a bundle consisting of any KSK operator and their legendary outfit.

The results will be posted within 10 days of the contest’s end. Once the results are up, we’ll give the rewards out within 3 days.

Send your submissions to

Participation in the contest implies you’ve read its rules and the Rules of Conduct. Please read them before sending in your work.

Good luck!

An example of a written contest submission
In-game nickname - Default_nickname.

Operator - Robin Hood, Marksman.

Primary weapon: the Swift tactical bow. Ammo - arrows with ballistic heads.

Secondary weapon: a sling. Doesn’t deal damage. When hitting the head, inflicts Stunned for a duration of 3 seconds. When hitting the legs, inflicts Snare for a duration of 3 seconds.

Special gear: smoke pellet. Takes 3 seconds to arm. Smokescreen increases in size over time.

Ability: Pocket Full of Sand. When activated, inflicts Stunned on enemies in front for a duration of 3 seconds.

Notes. The weapons and abilities are taken from the original ballad and the films about the character. The character used those tricks during his adventures.

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