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June 23 to 30: Sokol + materials for $20

From June 23 to June 30, in the Caliber website store, you can buy the sniper Sokol, one of the most popular operatives of The Old Guard set on favorable terms. The kit consists of the operator himself and a set of materials that will be enough to upgrade the sniper in full.

Sokol is the Alpha unit sniper successful in both PVP and PVE modes of Caliber. According to statistics, he wins 61% of PVE matches, which is the best result among all the snipers. In PVP modes, Sokol wins 54% of games. Statistically speaking, only Diablo, Scout, and Eima are better.

Sokol's effectiveness lies primarily in his Barrage ability. By using it, Sokol shoots at an increased speed and stays in the aiming mode while reloading his rifle. Together with the high shot damage, the enabled ability makes Sokol a formidable opponent for any enemy at medium and long distances. According to statistics, Sokol has 3.2 kills per death; by this parameter, only Eima, the Nesher squad's sniper, performs better.

Barrage. Allows to stay in the scope mode while firing, improves rate of fire and weapon control. Any hit to an opponent from a primary weapon inflicts Barrage. Barrage effect: the target requires more time to revive if incapacitated. Damage of the primary weapon does not drop with distance to the target. For the duration of the ability, the operator is Marked. Marked effect: target outline is visible to its opponents.

The second feature of Sokol is a huge ammunition load for his secondary weapon, the Glock 17 Gen4 pistol. Fully upgraded, this operator's Glock holds 33 rounds in the magazine. With three magazines at his disposal, Sokol generally doesn't have to worry about replenishing ammo during PVP rounds and is less dependent on it in PVE mode.

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