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Archives: Sown In Thorns event

From June 30 to July 7, Caliber will hold the third event in the Archives series. It will allow players to earn the Sown In Thorns Battle Pass rewards.

As before, to access rewards, players will have to earn a temporary currency called Tokens. Tokens can be spent in the store to purchase materials containers, emblems, and other event rewards for a random collection operator. Reward packs for all the operators will be sold separately for coins. The main prizes of the event are epic camouflages for the three KSK collection operators: the assault Rhein, the support fighter Stern, and the medic Schatz.

Event tokens can be obtained in two ways:

  • Earn a container for completing a daily task. A container contains two slots: one, in 100% cases, has 20 Tokens, and the other may randomly bring you 45 Tokens, a certain amount of materials, or the Seeker epic outfit for Stern, the KSK collection support fighter.
  • Also, tokens can be earned for completing chapters of the Weekly task. You get 50 tokens for the first chapter, 75 tokens for the second, and 100 tokens for the third.

Event rewards:


● Epic outfits for the KSK collection operators: Rebel for the assault Rhein, Seeker for the support Stern, and Feldscher for the medic Schatz.

● Night Tactical, Yehudi, Flecktarn Minimal, Rocky Red, and Sufa camouflages;

● Air kiss, Heart, and On the ground! emotes;

● Krav Maga elimination;

● Nesher 414th, South Fox, Recon's Blade, Shock Sight, Omniscient Wings, Nesher Eagle, Shield Of Kingdom, Hagana's Toy, Sown In Thorns emblems.

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