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November 24th to December 1st: Fog of War in Showdown

From November 24th to December 1st, in Showdown mode, the Fog of War event will take place, in which we will change how enemies are identified.

All rival team operators’ markers — silhouettes, health points, applied effects, etc. — will be disabled during Fog of War. As soon as you have a visual on an enemy, your operator will inform you about it. However, to highlight the enemy, you’ll need to hover the crosshair over them. If you move the crosshair away from the enemy, the indication will disappear again.


The ally indication works similarly. For example, to see a teammate’s Hit Points, you’ll have to aim at them or look at the allies’ status sidebar. At the same time, the operator’s role indicator can be seen all the time, and if a teammate leaves the match, a corresponding mark will be shown above them.

The operators’ abilities allowing opponents detection will continue to function as before. Strelok’s Recon, Faro’s Muleta, Scout’s Flare, and the like to the rescue!
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