PATCH NOTES 0.11.0 | News | Caliber is a team-based online game

Patch 0.11.0 for Caliber becomes available to all players from June 30, 2021. With this update, the Ranked Battles mode returns to Caliber, a new event in the Archives series starts, and the Object 903 map becomes available for the Frontline mode. Also, some operatives have undergone a significant overhaul. The surrender function is now available in PvP modes, and considerable leveling improvements have been made for new players.

And that's not all. For a complete list of changes included in this update, see the list below.


Operators with 1-round weapon reloads (Watson, Miguel, Mikolaj, Eima, etc) can now cancel the reload by aiming.

Reduced the time it takes for special gear to be ready to be thrown after pressing the LMB (grenades, C4 explosives, etc) so that the animation doesn't negatively affect gameplay.

Armor-Piercing Rounds perk:
— armor-piercing bonus reduced from 15% to 10%;
— the perk now affects Bastion's pistol and shield.

Anti-Shrapnel Layer perk:
— works passively now (doesn't require armor);
— explosion damage reduction increased from 20% to 40%.

Fixed green textures on ally or own special gear during battle.

Restored epic ally and enemy outfit display when "Disable other players' camouflage" is on.

Fixed displaying your own aiming reticle when spectating other players.

Fixed an error which made unobtained operators lose textures.


Fixed antialiasing issues and removed extra parts of models.

22nd Spetsnaz

Support Kit

Added the Tourist epic outfit. The Tourist outfit is available in the special offer starting from level 40. 

Fixed an error in the model of the RPK primary weapon's barrel in the legendary outfit.

Medic Karavai

Fixed a typo in the AKS-74UB primary weapon's description in the Afghan outfit.

Changed operator left hand position in the Afghan outfit.

SSO Collection

Assault Voron

AK-105 bull-pup primary weapon:
— increased horizontal recoil by 15%;
— increased vertical recoil by  5%;
— reduced effective firing range by 10%;
— increased reload duration: was 3.2 sec, became 3.4 sec.

Support Sputnik

PKP bull-pup machine gun primary weapon: increased maximum effective firing range by 10%.


Support Almaz

Increased sprint cost: was 12 Stamina, became 14 Stamina.

Headshot damage reduction now matches the ability's description.

Medic Ded

Reduced sprint cost: was 13 Stamina, became 11 Stamina.


Assault Corsair

Mk18 assault rifle:
— reduced horizontal recoil by 5%;
— reduced reticle shake when firing.

Marksman Scout

Flare ability: the flare can now be picked up to reduce ability recharge time. Picking the flare up shortens the recharge by 10 sec.

Medic Monk

Fixed the lack of an idle animation in HQ in the Patriot legendary outfit.


Assault Perun

Piercing Shots ability:
— increased damage bonus that unlocks at the 9th level: was 20%, became 30%;
— the ability can be prematurely ended now by pressing [Q] again;
— reduced the base cost of the ability: was 45 Stamina, became 40 Stamina;
— reduced ability recharge time: was 20 sec, became 15 sec.

Medic Travnik

Upgrade #8: Movement speed increase when using the pistol - removed the sprint cost increase, increased the movement speed bonus from 10% to 20%.

Marksman Sokol

Fixed an error which increased the sprint cost while Upgrade #8: (Movement speed increase when using the Glock 17 pistol) is enabled.

Updated the ability's description.


Added the Spartan legendary outfit.

Assault Rhein

Upgrade #11: "Replace the defensive grenade with the offensive one" replaced with "Special trait: holding the ability activation button fires an EMP which destroys mines, land-based drones and other enemy electronics".

DM 51 special gear:
— increased base damage: was 130, became 150;
— reduced area of effect: was 6m, became 4.5m;
— shortened fuse time: was 3 sec, became 1.8 sec.

Support Stern

Increased sprint cost: was 12 Stamina, became 13 Stamina.

RGW 90 special gear: added new VFX behind the rocket which improves visibility when controlling it.

The upgraded sight was replaced with ACOG.

Medic Schatz

First Aid ability:
— increased the maximum amount of placed first aid kits: was 2, became 3;
— reduced the base cost of the ability: was 45 Stamina, became 40 Stamina.

Marksman Kurt

Bait ability: the debuff applied by the bait now doesn't get removed from a downed target until it is reanimated, executed or the effect is applied to a different target. In addition, a target affected by the Bait ability's debuff gets a reanimation speed penalty until Kurt applies the ability to a different enemy. In addition, a target with the Lure ability effect gets a penalty to revival speed  for as long as Kurt keeps  the ability on them. Revival time with a penalty from the Lure ability is 10 seconds.

Bait ability: duration of the Mark effect applied increased to 3 sec.


Changed historical camo order.

Assault Sterling

Upgrade #11: Ability duration increased changed to Laser sight for L119A1.

Unfinished Business ability: increased base duration from 7 seconds to 12 seconds.

Support Bishop

L110A1 machine gun primary weapon: increased maximum effective firing range by 10%.

Fixed the grenade falling through the textures when the operator is executed on the Palm road map.

Medic Watson

Reduced sprint cost: was 10 Stamina, became 9 Stamina.

Healing Foam ability: increased base healing, was 50 HP, became 60 HP.

L74A2 gun:
— increased base damage: was 52, became 60;
— increased base headshot damage: was 106, became 120;
— increased minimum damage at maximum range by 30%;
—  increased effective range by 25%.

Added a blur effect when being Stunned by the mine.

Marksman Archer

Added the Bully epic outfit.


Assault Avant-garde

Stun immunity now also prevents the screen blur.

Support Bastion

Glock 18c pistol and shield mode: the operator now becomes slower with every shot fired from the pistol in this mode. The maximum slowdown is down to 60% of base speed with the pistol and shield.

The Wedge ability was replaced with the Reflect ability: while it's active, the operator automatically switches to a shield without weapons and reflects bullet damage back to the attacking enemy.

Upgrade #5: Wedge ability effective radius increase replaced with Ability duration increase.

Upgrade #11: Ally damage resistance increase while the Wedge ability's Morale buff is active replaced with Increased damage reflected by the shield while the ability is active.

Armor piercing in the primary weapon's stats now matches what it really is.


Changed historical camo order.

Assault Aphela

Risk ability:
— increased base incoming damage increase while the ability is active: 120% -> 140%;
— upgrade #12: Increased ammo capacity: now reduces movement speed with the primary weapon by 10% in each state (sprint/run/walking while crouching).

Fixed health bar and healing display during the Last Stand effect and while heavily wounded.

Grenade fire now damages bot vehicles.

Support Hagana

Negev machine gun primary weapon: increased maximum effective firing range by 20%.

Turret ability:
— placing a turret doesn't prevent Stamina replenishment anymore;
— removed the ability to explode the turret prematurely;
— changed ability recharge time: base recharge time increased from 30 sec to 90 sec, but the recharge now begins immediately after a turret is placed, allowing the placement of a new turret right after the first one when fully upgraded;
— a placed turret can be picked up to reduce recharge time by 60 sec.

Grenade fire now damages bot vehicles.

Medic Shersheret

Reduced sprint speed: was 5.3m/sec, became 5.2m/sec.

Upgrade #7: Change ammo type replenished by special gear - activating the upgrade now removes two stocks instead of one.

The phrase which Shersheret says when marking ammo bags is changed accordingly.

Now getting the EMP effect will correctly remove buffs from both Shersheret and her ally.

Marksman Eima

Reduced sprint speed: was 4.8m/sec, became 4.7m/sec.

Crippling Shot ability:
— reduced maximum possible stun duration: was 2 sec, became 1.6 sec;
— increased base ability recharge time: was 12 sec, became 20 sec.

Installing the collimator sight no longer increases operator movement speed.


Changed historical camo order.

Assault Faro

Replaced the Upgrade #5 icon with one matching the sight type.

Updated the ability description.

Changed damage reduction calculation received from the ability when it hits several targets.

Medic Miguel

Benelli M4 primary weapon: reduced effective ranage and minimum damage at maximum range by 15%.

Upgrade #11: Incendiary ammo - activating the upgrade now reduces the shotgun's base damage by 4. Increased spread for this ammo type.

Marksman Diablo

Fixed the Burning immunity when using the ability.

Maps, missions, and bots changes

General changes

Updated bot pathfinding algorithm. The bots will now move more smoothly when changing movement direction.

Ranked battles now allow changing your weapon loadout and use a consumable during the match start countdown.

Ranked battles are now available starting at account level 15.

Ranked battles mode:
— victories required increased to 5;
— maximum rounds (including draws) - 12;
— two minutes after a round starts a marker informs that one of three neutral points to capture will appear in 5 sec;
— removed special gear crates in the middle of the maps.

Showdown mode:
— round duration is now 5 minutes;
— 3 minutes into the round one of 3 possible neutral bases will activate in the middle of the map;
— home bases have been removed.

Added a message about switching sides in the Hacking mode.

Player invulnerability after battle's end removed in the Frontline mode.

Updated mini-maps for the Showdown and Ranked battles modes.

Fixed an error where the mission target marker completely filled out instead of blinking.

Improved matchmaking: missions take into account what the players had in the last battle to avoid repeats.

Frontline. Increased capture area size. Changed team intel value to 350 points.

Showdown, Hacking. Vehicles lit on fire at the end of a round no longer explode at the start of the next round.

Fixed loading screen text about the Frontline mode.


All scenarios:
— Added music;
— You can now blow up the enemy vehicles before they stop;
— Changed the bot barricade;
— The final fight no longer starts before the player takes the correct position;
— Mines: removed icons and added red outlines, changed placement;
— Changed allied bot behavior.

Assault scenario:
— Changed the initial route to the treatment centre;
— Changed mortar positions;
— Special gear crate moved between the mortar positions.

Marksman scenario:
— First special gear crate moved closer to the destructible wall;
— Grenade launcher and marksman bots aim slower.

Support scenario:
— Changed the initial route to the parking lot;
— Moved the first ammo crate before the parking lot;
— Moved the second ammo crate at the parking lot.

Palm Road

Showdown. Fixed two pieces of cover in one spot.

Special Operation. Changed places where a support officer can spawn.

Clearing, Special Operation. Fixed SFX and VFX when hitting cars.


Clearing, Special Operation. Updated the map on the loading screen, it now shows the new ammo crate.

Hospital mission now lasts until all enemies are eliminated.

Clearing, Special Operation. The hostage no longer moves between cover if the second hostage is killed.

All modes. Closed the gap between a garbage container and concrete cover.

Showdown, Hacking. Added vault possibility to cover.

Special Operation. Fixed a rare error where the mission wouldn't continue after picking up the explosives.

All modes. Increased cover height so that an operator crouching still behind it can't be hit in the head.

Clearing. Fixed an error that made all hostages sometimes disappear when the first transport leaves.


Clearing, Special Operation. Fixed a bypass to the radio transmitter that didn't trigger enemy spawn.

Special Operation. Fixed point capture being blocked if the technician got killed immediately after spawn.

Clearing, Special Operation. Fixed the possibility of jumping below the map.

Emir Residence

Clearing, Special Operation. Fixed SFX and VFX when hitting cars.

Clearing, Special Operation. Bots no longer pass through closed gates.

Clearing, Special Operation. Fixed an error allowing getting inside stone cover.


Clearing, Special Operation. Fixed an error where bots on the roof wouldn't get out to the players.

Al-Malik Hotel

The informant bot got armed and can now shoot other bots.

Clearing, Special Operation. Fixed an error where climbing a table at the top of the hotel was only possible from one edge.

Hacking. Removed the ability to pass through drawers.

Clearing, Special Operation, Hacking, Showdown. Fixed the possibility of hanging in the air after clearing an obstacle.

Frontline. Intel case no longer floats above the ground.

Clearing, Special Operation. Fixed the possibility of jumping below the map.

Object 903

Added Frontline mode to the Object 903 map.

All modes. Fixed drone behavior at the ramp to the submarine.

Clearing, Special Operation. Fixed bot hangups at the top floor of the building during the final stage of the mission.

Clearing, Special Operation. Fixed an error where an obstacle wouldn't get destroyed by an explosion when hitting its lower part.

Special Operation. Fixed errors allowing bypassing parts of the mission.

All modes. Fixed an error preventing jumping off on a small part of the stairs.

All modes. Fixed the possibility of getting inside the coil.


All modes. Fixed a gap near a lower corner of the building.

Clearing, Special Operation. Added textures for the room the bots exit.

Showdown, Hacking. Fixed texture aliasing for glass and wood on the second floor.

Clearing, Special Operation. The Tiger armored vehicle's wheels have been replaced with more quality ones.

All modes. Fixed water pipe flickering.

Clearing, Special Operation. Fixed an error where the mission would be counted as a loss if it finished during the last few seconds.

Hacking. Closed an entrance to the second floor of the building from the defense's side.

Showdown, Hacking. Fixed the ability to jump through a window obstructed by destructible cover.

Clearing, Special Operation. Fixed the boundaries of the crate used as an obstacle.

Special Operation. Dam. Fixed the boundaries of crates approaching which toggled the camera into first person mode.

Showdown, Hacking. Fixed an error allowing getting inside a container.

All modes. Added missing bipod installations for some cover.

All modes. Fixed drone behavior at the edges of the dam.

All modes. Fixed indestructible windows on the crane.

Shopping Mall

The dead pilot's body no longer floats in the air.

Special operation. Fixed the ability to get to the bomb without provoking the bots.

Clearing, Special Operation, Showdown. Fixed an error letting you fall inside a cabinet on the first floor of a store.

Clearing, Special Operation. Adjusted bot behavior during the final defence.

AI / Bots

Zalessye shooter had a grenade icon added to the received damage stats screen.

Fixed an error where a bot would remain standing if they were eliminated during an animation.

Added weapon collapsing for bots when climbing over cover and objects.


The Super-Sensitive Trigger perk has been renamed to Sensitive Trigger.

The Anti-Shrapnel Layering perk has been renamed to Anti-Shrapnel Layer.

Improved English translation, fixed typos.

The English name for the 22 SPN collection has been changed to 22nd Spetsnaz.

Standardized upgrade elements.


Added surrender system in PvP modes:
— Surrender is possible in Showdown, Hacking, and Ranked Battles modes.
— Surrender becomes available in the 3rd round of the match.
— Surrender can be triggered in the game menu by pressing during a match.
— To surrender, a team needs a majority of votes "FOR" based on the team's number of players at the beginning of the vote. Players who initiate surrender are considered to have automatically voted "FOR." Players who have connected to the battle during already ongoing voting can't participate in it.
— Players have 30 seconds to vote "FOR" or "AGAINST." Players who do not vote are automatically counted as refused to surrender
— If the majority of the team members decide to surrender, both teams, including the enemy, are notified about it.
— If the players in the team refuse to surrender, they also receive a notification about this.
— If the voting ended against surrender, the possibility of a repeat voting is blocked for 2 minutes.

Added new animation for battle tasks.

Added a tip in the command and emote wheel that the screen can be closed with the RMB.

Changed indicators for newly obtained elements: once a customization option has been unlocked, the characters that can have it applied will be highlighted in the operator list.

Fixed an error where the Adrenaline counter panel would be highlighted in red even though you have some.

The "Too many messages" warning when using too many markers/emotes no longer overflows under the chat input window.

Fixed discrepancies in player status in the side panels and the battle results.

Fixed incorrect message when there aren't enough resources to purchase an upgrade.

Region switch button in the lobby has been made more visible, removed the colon in the settings when picking region.

Fixed icon shift in the player side panels if the player has been blocked.

Hit indicators no longer appear when dealing damage to oneself.

Base capture progress bar no longer disappears if you quickly exit and enter the capture area.

When replenishing Stamina with the Stimulant the stamina bar no longer overflows.

Opening a container no longer resets the selected container rarity.

Fixed tooltip title overlaying the picture when hovering the cursor over it.

Added icons for different contract types.

Added the ability to show stats by pressing [Tab] during cutscenes.

The button in the unlocked Free XP bundle notification now correctly sends you to the Store.

Fixed material increase animation when opening containers.

Flashbang VFX no longer get disabled by opening the menu or stats screen.

Fixed an error that would display when trying to change a contract without having enough Credits.


Added new SFX for destroying stone objects.

Added new SFX for burning cars.

Added new SFX for character movement while heavily wounded.

Added sounds for "request to join team" and "new message in chat".

Added SFX for character burning.

Showdown, Hacking, Frontline. Fixed an error which made enemy soundbites when being incapacitated be heard throughout the map.

Added sounds for receiving a penalty in the battle results.

Plane flyby SFX now synced with its model.

Fixed an error disrupting voice chat.

When an ally first uses a Stimulant it no longer sounds like a first aid kit.

Added phrases indicating drop items.

Added special gear pickup sounds for Kurt, Corsair and Scout.

Fixed sound disappearing when reloading the primary weapon for Mikolaj and Watson.

Added unique SFX for primary weapon fire for Voron in the Harbinger outfit.

Fixed an error where cutscene sound didn't get affected by the In-game Video volume slider.

General changes

Premium costs are changed:
— 3-day Premium cost reduced. $3 -> $2, 195 rub. -> 130 rub;
— 7-day Premium cost reduced. $5 -> $4, 325 rub. -> 260 rub;
— 180-day Premium cost reduced. $54 -> $45, 3900 rub. -> 2925 rub;
— 360-day Premium cost reduced. $100 -> $80, 6500 rub. -> 5200 rub.

Changes to informative and tutorial screens:
— added tutorial screens when unlocking the materials mechanic at the appropriate account level;
— enabled the infoscreen for the Clearing mode;
— adjusted the description on the infoscreen for the Showdown mode;
— fixed the emote names on the Emotes screen;
— added score payouts for the different activities in the mode to the screen for the Frontlines mode;
— fixed infoscreen appearance order on the 1st, 4th and 7th account levels.

Added the Archives: Sown in Thorns event.

Changed account level progress speed and rewards:
— reaching level 20 from level 11 is faster now;
— all main contract types now unlock by level 25;
— the first 11 account levels will give you 25000 Credits to purchase your second operator;
— account level 10 gives a loot box with one operator;
— consumables are given for the first log into the game and for reaching levels 3, 7, and 11;
—  account levels 12 to 20 will give materials to partially upgrade operators;
— there are booster, reserve, and materials rewards for levels 25 to 60.

Added an emblem for victors in the Bounty Hunting event.

Fixed the description for emblems given for the Remnants of War marathon.

The notification text when server day changes now updates correctly.

«Task Set renamed to Weekly Task.

«Contractor's Container renamed to Recruiter's Container.

Added a tutorial video for the Frontline mode.

Added new emblems with country flags: Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia, Andorra, Belgium, Vatican, Guernsey, Greenland, Denmark, Jersey, Iceland, Cyprus, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Malta, Monaco, Netherlands, Isle Of Man, San Marino, Faroe islands, Angola, Benin, Botswana, Burkina Faso, Burundi, Gabon, The Gambia, Ghana, Guinea, The Democratic Republic of the Congo, Djibouti, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Cape Verde, Cameroon, Kenya, Lesotho, Liberia, Mauritius, Mauritania, Madagascar, Malawi, Mali, Morocco, Mozambique, Namibia, Niger, Nigeria, Republic of the Congo (not to be confused with the Democratic Republic of the Congo), Rwanda, Seychelles, Senegal, Somalia, Sudan, Sierra Leone, Tanzania, Togolese Republic, Tunisia, Central African Republic, Equatorial Guinea, Eritrea, Eswatini, Ethiopia, South Sudan, Vanuatu, Kiribati, Marshall Islands, Micronesia, Nauru, New Zealand, Palau, Papua New Guinea, Samoa, Solomon islands, Tonga, Tuvalu, Fiji, Aruba, Bolivia, Haiti, Guyana, Curacao, Paraguay, Peru, Suriname, Trinidad and Tabago, Uruguay, Ecuador, Belize, Guatemala, Honduras, Dominican Republic, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Panama, Salvador, Comoros, Ivory Coast, Monaco, Sao Tome and Principe, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, Saint Kitts and Nevis, Saint Lucia, Antigua and Barbuda, Chad, Jamaica, Bahamas, Barbados, Grenada. 


New VFX for exploding bombs at the Shopping Mall, Caravanserai and Emir Residence maps.

Added VFX for water explosions and characters moving through water.


Fixed finger position when using the Kombat emote.

Added vehicle repair animation and a nod by the informator on the Al-Malik Hotel map.

Tech Changes

Added borderless windowed mode.

New graphics setting - Increased image sharpness.

Fixed an error where a client would hang up while watching a replay where a player was kicked out for inactivity.

Fixed a crash error.

Replays. Default key to hide the UI changed to [O].

When changing the account the friend list no longer carries over from the previous account.

Replays. Using free camera during the starting cutscene will no longer lead you to getting below the map.

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