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June 30 to July 7: Bourbon + materials for $20

From June 30 to July 7, you can buy the Support Bourbon from the SEAL collection on favorable terms in the Caliber website store. The set consists of the operator himself and materials enough to upgrade this character in full.

Tony "Bourbon" Nohe, 43 years old. Profile.
Born in Chicago. Married to the dancer Chloe Varitz.Has two daughters from two previous marriages.The concept of enjoying life to the full, especially during leave, earned Tony his codename (and at least one daughter). Listening to Bourbon's "wild youth" stories is the favorite pastime of his team at the campsite. At first glance, Bourbon may seem distracted, but this impression is misleading — the old marine is always on the alert.
In battle, Bourbon acts decisively and stuns the enemy with the pressure he puts them under. Sometimes, his jokes seem cruel: he can send a 40mm grenade at the enemy turning him into an involuntary suicide bomb. He does not moralize his allies but gladly shares his experience with them and has saved the entire squad from injuries numerous times.

Because Bourbon was previously sold only as part of The Old Guard set, few players owned it; as of June 30, this operator can be seen in only five percent of matches. However, those who play Bourbon are incredibly effective with him.

In PvP, Bourbon is ranked first in three main metrics: win rate, kill/death ratio, and average damage per match. More specifically, the numbers look like this:

● Teams that include Bourbon win 61% of their battles.

● On average, Bourbon makes 4.13 kills per death.

● Bourbon's average damage in a match is also massive: 643 points.

The effectiveness of Bourbon is the cumulative effect of all of his features that allow him to attack almost continuously. His Crackdown ability applies the Stun effect to enemies after several hits from his primary weapon. And, if he's fully upgraded, enemies are stunned for a whole second, and killing an enemy gives Bourbon's allies within a radius of 30 meters accelerator and immunity to slowdown for nine seconds. Add to that the grenade launcher that deals 170 damage, and you have a real attacking Support in your hands.

By the way, Bourbon is the only operator that can rise with 30 health points after being disabled.

By the way, the Caliber in-game store has a special offer for Bourbon owners: a set with a legendary outfit, seven days of premium, and five materials containers.

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