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The results of the Brothers in Arms creative competition

We have summed up the results of the Brothers in Arms creative competition in which players were invited to present a fictional character as a Caliber operator.

Players submitted a total of 486 works that met the conditions of the competition. The most popular among the contestants were action heroes and characters from the Marvel and DC comic universes. The Terminator, Rambo, and Deadpool were most frequently represented as Caliber operators - such works were presented several dozens of times.

The winner selection was handled by the Game Design department of Caliber. Each competition work had a table with fields for evaluation for each member of the jury. Every work was evaluated by jury members on a ten-point scale, and the final grade is the average value of all the jury's ratings.

Thus, three winners were determined:

1. The character Logan (Wolverine, Marvel Universe) from the player Snegovichock: 8.4 points;

2. The character Sharik (Prostokvashino universe by the writer E. Uspensky) from the player groza_x_com: 7.9 points;

3. The character Radagast the Brown (Middle-earth universe by J. R .R. Tolkien) from the player Yak0r: 7.7 points.

Shortly, the competition winners will receive emails with instructions on how to receive their winnings. The instructions will be sent to the same emails from which the competition works were sent.

It is not hard to see that the depth of character development in the winners' works exceeded the requirements for the competition entries: the participants provided their characters with illustrations, leveling up charts, operator characteristics, and other elements. Even though such involvement is warmly welcomed by us, we hasten to assure you that the evaluation was made solely based on the characters' descriptions following the terms of the competition.

Among the interesting characters that were noted by the jury but didn't enter the top three, we note:

  • OlgaRiki from GoGoRiki;
  • Ostap Bender from the works of I. Ilf and Y. Petrov;
  • The Little Prince from the eponymous book by A. de Saint-Exupery;
  • Yelisey from The Three Bogatyrs animated series;
  • Jack Cooper from the Titanfall 2 video game;
  • Commissioner Gibert from the Taxi film series;
  • Rodion Raskolnikov from the Crime and Punishment book;
  • Doc Brown from the Back to the Future film series.

Our sincere thanks to all the participants of the competition!

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