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July 14 to 21: Sterling + materials for $20

From July 14 to 21, Sterling, the assault of the TFB collection, is available in the store on the Caliber website for a favorable price. The set consists of the operator himself and the set of materials enough to fully upgrade this character.

Sterling is sold separately from The Old Guard kit for the first time.

Together with Sterling are: 2,700 medications, 960 alloys, 370 composite materials, 1,050 chemical components, 1,730 ciphers, 640 blueprints, 1,600 microchips, and 1,200 secret drafts.
Weyland "Sterling" McAllister, 40 years old.
Born in the city of Preston, Lancashire, to the family of Baron Borwick, Kevin Orwell McAllister.

Sterling has always been passionate about following the rules. Only the rules were of his own. By his father’s wish, he enrolled in military school but was expelled for starting a fight and starting a fire inside. However, he kept his word to his mother and found a safe and decent job as a mercenary in Somalia. He could have lost his freedom for his «deeds», but ended up in the best special forces unit of the U.K.

One may think that Sterling often exposes himself to undue risk, but this is not entirely true, as he knows exactly what he is capable of and always chooses the right moment to take the enemy by surprise. His strengths are unpredictability and speed, which he uses to help the team act more efficiently.

Sterling is an underrated assault owned by very few Caliber players. On average, during a PvP match, Sterling deals more damage than any other assault, even the current idols of the public — Aphela, Faro, Volk, and Rein. If we compare Sterling and Aphela, who occupy the first and second places in terms of damage, Sterling deals 678 damage per match, while Aphela just over 600.

After the latest Caliber update, Sterling continues to perform well in other parameters:

  • He has a high win rate: teams that include Sterling win 55% of matches.
  • The kill/death ratio is also high: on average, Sterling makes more than four kills in a match before being incapacitated for the first time.

Sterling’s Unfinished Business ability actually gives him a second life but requires a special approach to be truly effective. Statistically, Sterling uses Unfinished Business about three times per match.

An operator who was incapacitated during the effect of the ability but hadn’t bled out can perform self-revival. This gives the operator special Hit Point and Stamina Point pools. Note that self-revival consumes the operator’s whole stamina pool but gives 60 stamina points afterward.

For a special weapon, Sterling is equipped with an L17A1 grenade launcher with noticeable damage of 160. At operator level 13, Sterling receives a second special weapon grenade.

In terms of leveling, Sterling has four special traits:

  • Immunity to the Slowed and Crippled effects while this ability is active.
  • Infliction of the Slowed and Crippled effects on the opponents caught in the grenade launcher projectile’s explosion zone. The effects are applied for 5 seconds.
  • An increase in health with which the operator returns to battle after self-reanimation by 15 points.
  • Increased movement speed when taking damage from bullets fired by any enemy weapon. Sterling’s speed is increased by 2 seconds.
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