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The Second Frontline Event: User's Manual

From July 21 to August 24, Caliber will host The Second Frontline game marathon. This is a limited-time event in which all players who have reached the 11th account level can participate. The goal of marathon participants is to earn event currency and use it to buy unique items and advance in the ranking of the best players.

In this marathon, it will be possible to buy specific materials of any rarity: from ordinary white ones to purple Secret Drafts, among other goods of the Armory.

Change in Frontline in version 0.11.1

To make Frontline mode more dynamic and focused on PVE players, we made several changes: in particular, we revised the scoring for the activities of two strengthened opponents — the Support Officer and the Medic.

Changes to the rules of the Frontline mode:
  • Points required for victory — 3000;
  • Points for crossing the frontline — 1600;
  • Points for the delivery of common intel — 160;
  • Points for the delivery of special intel — 350;
  • Points for the delivery of team intel — 450.

In addition, special intel now spawns on a timer — one minute after the start of the match.

In each match in the Frontline, a toughened opponent appears — either a Support Officer or a Medic. They appear four minutes after the start of the match, and the team receives 50 points for finishing them.

Common intel is now visible within 20 meters (was 15 meters). Special intel is now visible within 35 meters (was 30 meters).

Event Currency

During The Second Frontline event, two types of temporary currency are introduced into Caliber: Tokens and Tickets.

Tokens are the main Event Currency used to buy rewards. You can only earn Tokens in the Frontline PvPvE mode.

Tickets are the currency that multiplies Token earnings tenfold. Tickets can be earned for every third victory in Clearing, Special Operation, Showdown, and Hacking modes; received for completing a daily task, or bought for Coins in the Armory, the special event store.

How to earn Tokens

Tokens are given as an additional reward for battles in the Frontline mode. Their amount depends on the number of points earned in the match:

  • For 500 points, 3 Tokens;
  • For 1000 points, 5 Tokens;
  • For 2000 points, 8 Tokens.

Thus, a victory in the Frontline earns 16 Tokens.

Then, a Ticket can increase the reward for winning tenfold. If a player has at least one Ticket, it is deducted from the account automatically after a victory in the match and multiplies the reward.

That is, with a Ticket, a victory in the Frontline will bring the player 160 Tokens.

If you leave the battle before it ends, you will not earn Tokens regardless of the result of the match.

How to earn Tickets

Tickets are earned by one for every third victory in any Caliber mode, except for Frontline, Ranked Battles, and Prologue: Clearing, Special Operation, Frontline, and Showdown. Victories in modes stack. For example, you can win two Clearings and one Special Operation and get a Ticket. In addition, you will receive one Ticket for each completed daily task.

Tickets can also be purchased for Coins in the Armory. There they are sold in sets of 10 units.

Matador’s Bullseye ability. While the ability is active, the operator automatically aims the weapon at the enemy closest to the reticle. Stability of hip-shooting increases, but aimed fire is impossible at this time. Movement speed is reduced by 40%. The use of the bipod significantly increases the shooting stability. Targeting works through smoke.

All The Second Frontline rewards:
  • Matador, the support of the EZAPAC unit, Spain.
  • Epic outfits: Bully for Watson, the Medic of the TFB collection, and Elear for Koszmar, the Assault from GROM.
  • Camouflages: Ornamental, Cobra: Night and Cobra: Desert, Cobra: Forest, Cobra: Mountain.
  • Execution: Stay down!, Nailed.
  • Emotions: Bragging, Ovation and Sarcastic applause, Selfie, Cross the Line, Sneeze.
  • Emblems: Hail of Bullets, Frontline, Palm Road, Military Secrets, Juggernaut.
  • Material supplies: Fuel, Medications, Alloys, Spare Parts, Composite Materials, Chemical Components, Encrypted Messages, Blueprints, Microchips, and Secret Drafts.
All rewards of The Second Frontline event are temporarily exclusive. They cannot be acquired in any other way for several months. However, the event store will be open for another week after the end of the marathon. 

Event ranking

During The Second Frontline marathon, all players automatically participate in the best players ranking according to the number of tokens earned. The minimum number of tokens required to get into the ranking is 150.

The ranking takes into account the number of tokens credited for battles to the account. That is, there is no need to accumulate tokens above what is required for purchases. Expenses are not reflected in the ranking in any way.

By earning tokens, the player moves up the ranking and receives rewards for new places: credits, free XP, days of Premium. The award is credited instantly upon reaching any prize place.

Once on one of the three tops of the rating — thousandth, hundredth and tenth places, the player receives a unique event emblem:

  • Emblem for the top 10: The Second Frontline: Aggressor;
  • Emblem for the top 100: The Second Frontline: Commodore;
  • Emblem for the top 1000: The Second Frontline: Emissary.
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