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July 28 hotfix: Volk and Vagabond abilities

1. Fixed a bug due to which Stern could remove self-slowing from Volk by using his Guardian ability together with his Special trait: immunity to the Stunned, Slowed, and Crippled effects for the Shielded operator.

2. Now Vagabond deals damage to opponents standing next to the incapacitated enemy while his Fragmented Bullets ability is active.

Vagabond’s ability triggered on seriously wounded opponents by mistake. But after seeing how it played, we decided to keep the unplanned functionality in the game. We roll back the editing of Fragmented Bullets and confirm: the ability of the French vagrant can be triggered on knocked-out targets.

Andrei Shumakov, Caliber Game Director

3. Fixed a bug due to which Tien’s, marksman of the 22 SpN collection, magazine model disappeared with the 8th upgrade of GSh-18 handgun enabled.

4. All owners of the complete collection of EZAPAC operators have been awarded the corresponding emblems.

5. Frontline. Fixed a bug due to which the losing team with more than 2,000 points received a reward as for victory.

6. Updated weekly rotation of operators for credits.

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