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Patch notes 0.11.1

Caliber ver. 0.11.1 becomes available to players on July 21st. In this update, we continued to rework the operators to make the game more balanced. And if the last changes affected the relatively recent Caliber characters, then update 0.11.1 will impact the combat effectiveness of the fighters from the “old” collections.

Also, with version 0.11.1, the fourth character of the EZAPAC collection and a new game marathon are introduced in Caliber. And the Frontline mode has undergone some rework. It has become more focused on PvE players and now brings more credits.


Heavyweight marathon: reduced the increase of Sprint speed with the primary weapon from 20% to 15%.

Hemostatic serum: bonus to maximum health has been reduced from 15 hit points to 10 hit points.

Subdermal morphine: healing reduced from 40 hit points to 30 hit points.

Blood rage:
- reduced healing from finishing off from 25 hit points to 15 hit points;
- reduced stamina recovery: it was 75 stamina points to 50 stamina points.


Fixed a bug due to which it was possible to move "through textures" or walk through walls in the incapacitated state.


Assault recruit

Updated the description of the special gear.

22nd SpN

Marksman Tien

SVDM primary weapon:
— doubled the speed of recoil compensation;
— reduced the magnification in the aiming mode on the stock sight by 10%.

6G30 grenade launcher special gear:
— now initially shoots only bouncing ammunition;
— reduced armor penetration from 60% to 30%;
— decreased explosion damage from 70 units to 60 units.

The 8th improvement, “Ammunition type replacement for 6G30”, is replaced with “Magazine capacity enhancement for handgun GSh-18 (+2), rate of fire increase for handgun GSh-18 (+0.5 rps)”.

The EMP effect on the operator now properly removes buffs.

Medic Karavai

Healing capsule ability: the capsule now shatters on hitting allies and enemies instead of bouncing.


Added the possibility to get the Archeologist emblem for purchasing the corresponding legendary outfit in the game. Anyone who purchased this outfit before will receive the emblem after the release of patch 0.11.1

Marksman Komar

Updated the reticle for the stock scope of the TRG-22 primary weapon when using the Archeologist outfit.


Added the possibility to get the Guard emblem for purchasing the corresponding legendary outfit in the game. Anyone who purchased this outfit before will receive the emblem after the release of patch 0.11.1

Assault Volk

The Iron Grip ability now applies self-slowing to the operator. Self-slowing reduces speed by 25%; the ability can be disabled early by pressing the ability button again.

Medic Ded

SR2M primary weapon: increased effective range by 25%.


Assault Corsair

Black Mark ability: added the Slowed effect on targets affected by the ability. The targets are slowed by 10%.

Updated the biography of the operator.

Medic Monk

Injection ability: you can now apply the ability to yourself to gain haste, regardless of health status.


Medic Travnik

MP9 submachine gun primary weapon:
- increased effective firing range by 30%;
- increased minimum damage at maximum range by 20%.

Marksman Sokol

Disabling the ability with the EMP effect no longer removes the Marked effect from the operator.


Medic Schatz

Added a missing primary weapon 20-round magazine model in the Spartan legendary outfit.

Marksman Kurt

Opponent incapacitated by the ability now properly maintains the aura that applies the Marked effect to opponents.


Assault Koszmar

Fixed the primary weapon getting inside the operator model when using the legendary weapon skin and the common outfit for the operator.

Medic Mikołaj

M500 primary weapon:
— increased base effective firing range by 30%;
— reduced base minimum spread by 10%;
— reduced base maximum spread by 15%.

Marksman Stylet

M110 primary weapon:
- base damage increased from 45 to 48;
- headshot damage increased from 97 to 105.

Deep Wounds ability: hits on an enemy now stack the duration of the effect.


Added the Nothing Personal finishing move.

Medic Watson

Added the Bully epic outfit.

Marksman Archer

— increased movement speed from 2.7 meters per second to 2.9 meters per second;
— increased the Sprint speed from 3.9 meters per second to 4.2 meters per second.

Special gear: L132A1 smoke grenades have been replaced with L1A2 gas grenades, which do 8 damage per second, last for 10 seconds, and have a 4-meter radius.

The 5th improvement, “Ammunition Conversion for the L105A2”, has been replaced with “Special trait: reduced damage from the Poisoned effect. Gas damage is reduced by 50%”.

The L105A2 pistol secondary weapon now has the parameters of the Ammunition Conversion improvement:
— cartridge changed to .357 SIG;
— base damage increased from 20 to 27;
— headshot damage increased from 41 to 55;
— magazine capacity decreased from 15 rounds to 10 rounds.


Support Bastion

Updated the biography of the operator.


Support Hagana

Jericho 941F pistol secondary weapon:
— cartridge changed to .40 S&W;
— base damage increased from 15 to 20;
— headshot damage increased from 24 to 32;
— armor penetration increased from 40% to 50%;
— rate of fire decreased from 7 rounds per second to 5 rounds per second;
— magazine capacity decreased from 16 rounds to 12 rounds.

Medic Shersheret

Jericho 941F pistol secondary weapon:
— cartridge changed to .40 S&W;
— base damage increased from 15 to 20;
— headshot damage increased from 24 to 32;
— armor penetration increased from 40% to 50%;
— rate of fire decreased from 7 rounds per second to 5 rounds per second;
— magazine capacity decreased from 16 rounds to 12 rounds.

Ammunition pouch special gear: the 7th improvement now opens a new functionality: when the operator has a pouch in their hands, pressing the RMB allows you to change the type of ammunition to special gear. Dropping ammo consumes one charge of the operator's special gear, and dropping the special gear consumes two.

Added indication of the selected type of the special gear.


Added Support Matador.

Changed the order of historical camouflages.

Assault Faro

Fixed markings on the safety lock on the right side of the grenade launcher.

Fixed animation of the special gear reload.

Medic Miguel

Fixed the sound and effects of drones being hit.

Maps, missions, and bots changes

The textures of the GAZ Tigr armored car have been changed.

Changing the reward for losing in PVP:
— 200 XP when losing in Showdown and Hacking;
— 250 XP when losing in Ranked Battles.

Added daily change of Special Operations.

Special Operation. Updated the description of the mode.

Changes to the Frontline mode rules:

Points required for victory: 3000;
Points for crossing the frontline: 1600;
Points for the delivery of common intel: 160;
Points for the delivery of special intel: 350;
Points for the delivery of team intel: 450.

In addition, special intel now spawns on a timer: one minute after the start of the match.

In each match in the Frontline, a toughened opponent appears, either a Support Officer or a Medic. They appear four minutes after the start of the match, and the team receives 50 points for finishing them.

Common intel is now visible within 20 meters (was 15 meters). Special intel is now visible within 35 meters (up from 30 meters).

Reward for winning in Frontline mode has been increased from 310 Credits to 600 Credits.

Distribution upon reaching checkpoints:
the first one — 50 Credits;
the second — 130 Credits;
the third — 200 Credits;
the fourth — 220 Credits.


Prologue Medic. Fixed a bug due to which the repeated incapacitation of an allied Assault made it impossible to complete the mission.

Prologue Support. Fixed a bug due to which the mission did not continue after destroying the van in the parking lot.

Palm Road

Frontline. Slightly increased the B2 and D2 capture zones so that the capture continues when the player is close to the covers.


Clearing, Special Operation. Reduced the explosion radius of the charge on the left gate.

Clearing, Special Operation. Removed the ability to walk through closed gates.

Emir Residence

Showdown. Fixed a bug where destroying a large cover in the center of a building would allow you to pass through an undestroyed small cover.

Shopping Mall

All modes. It is no longer possible to run through the wall while vaulting the cover on the second floor.

Clearing, Special Operation. Fixed the camera behavior when approaching the pilot communication panel.

Clearing. Special Operation. The invisible collisions above the laptop is removed.

Object 903

Clearing, Special Operation. In the victory cutscene, Lun no longer moves through the ship.

Clearing, Special Operation. Fixed the defeat message displayed when bots capture the data terminal. 

Frontline. When vaulting the concrete cover, the operator does not move through it anymore.

Clearing, Special Operation. Bots no longer move through the destructible concrete walls.

All modes. Drones falling into the ground on the shore fixed.

AI / Bots

Fixed the Zalessye Heavy Fighter’s muzzle flash position.



The descriptions of operatives’ weapons have been unified (replaced "cartridge-", "used cartridge:", “ammo:” etc. with “Cartridge:”).

Seconds designation “s” was replaced with “sec.”.

Prologue. Changes in the tutorial text.



Changed the sorting of players in the leaderboards:
— players with more points are placed higher;
— players with the same number of stars are additionally sorted by the total number of wins in the season (players with more wins are ranked higher);
— players with the same number of stars and wins in a season are sorted by percentage of wins (the higher the percentage of wins, the higher the player is).

3 points have been added to the account progression bar in the profile:
— materials at level 12;
— contracts at level 15;
— skills at level 20.

The caption “Fireteam commander can change the mode” no longer overlaps with the mode selection button in the Battle Mode window.

Fixed a bug due to which the already purchased operator’s improvements were highlighted.

Operator tooltip in battle now has text scrolling if there is too much text.

Fixed a bug that caused incorrect lighting in HQ.

Fixed a bug that caused the camera position to change when closing the Contracts window.

Surrender. Fixed the duplicate message when the opposing team surrenders.

Surrender. Fixed the text that appears when the opposing team surrenders.

Improved the quality of the operator’s characteristics display.

Removed the surrender button when watching a replay.

Double-clicking on a blocked operator no longer results in an error.

Frontline. Intel markers now display correctly when spectating another player.

Prologue Medic. The icon of an allied Assault during their revival has been replaced with the appropriate one.

Frontline. Fixed the text of messages displayed after a victory or defeat after the time of the battle runs out.

Fixed overlapping of the weekly task icon on the text in the menu during the battle.

Hacking. The attacking team now has the markers of the same color in the combat mission and the terminal.


The noise from the announcer’s radio interference no longer freezes until the next message.

Reworked the reverb after-effect for all outdoor weapon shots.

Fixed the disappearance of sounds after watching cutscenes.

Fixed the disappearance of voice acting in the video after language changing.

Added a unique Jericho 941F pistol sound of firing .40 S&W rounds (this pistol is used by Hagana and Shersheret).


Added a turn animation for Zalessye Heavy Fighter.

Added the animation of dropping an item to the ground (bottom throw). In the current version, the animation is found with Shersheret, Vagabond, and Miguel.

Tech Changes

Fixed a bug that caused the game client to close.

Fixed a bug leading to a violation of the match logic if one team left the battle completely and at least one player of that team returned to the battle before the end of the victory cutscene.

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