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Caliber support: now in the player's account

Caliber’s support has become even closer to the players! We have improved the way of communicating with us through the site: we added the ability to correspond directly in the player’s account and store the history of cases there.

Now cases in the personal account have a clear three-color status marking and a familiar dialog interface and are forever saved in the message history. We will briefly tell you why this is needed.

What does the status color of the case mean

The history of messages with support is located in the Support section of the Caliber website. To get there, you need to log in to the site.

Green: the case is open, the support team has received the message, but a specialist has not yet viewed your message.

Yellow: case in progress, a support specialist read your message and answered it: either sent an instruction with a solution or asked questions to clarify the situation.

Gray: the case is closed, the issue is considered resolved, or the user stopped communicating with support and did not get in touch for a long time.

Why do you need to submit cases through your account

First of all, correspondence in the account is more convenient for both players and support staff. You no longer need to open the mail to check for a response to a case. In addition, now you can be sure: your case will not remain unanswered (though they never were).

Players may have noticed that after solving their issue, another email comes from support in which we ask you to evaluate our work. And we noticed that the most common complaint was that support did not respond to cases. This is definitely not the case. Our employees read, process, and respond to requests in 100% of cases, and this is strictly monitored. But in practice, it turns out that due to some «whims» of mail services, our emails can be indexed as spam, advertising, or a bulk email and sorted as the algorithm of the player’s mailbox considers necessary.

Now that we have introduced the account-based dialogues with support, the situation in which the player does not receive a response is completely excluded.

How support works, and how long does it take to respond

To understand what and when to expect when contacting support, it is enough to know the basic rules of our work.

1. Support works seven days a week in two shifts. Working hours are 8:00 to 00:00. In the foreseeable, support will be available 24/7.

2. For players, the most important thing in support work is the speed of reaction to their case. We cannot always solve the problem quickly, but we adhere to the rule that you need to respond to a case within 2 hours; at least write that the case is being processed and we need more time. We process almost 90% of cases or even completely close them in these two hours if they came to us during working hours.

3. The longest in work are complaints about violations in the game: suspicion of cheating and unsportsmanlike behavior. Such requests can be processed for more than a day and remain in work for much longer. Such proceedings require careful consideration and cannot be automated. In addition, the violating players can (and have the right) to challenge the sanctions.

4. With our help, community managers and moderators sort out some issues. Some issues are resolved in Discord chats or comments on social media. Users ask for help where it is convenient for them and not for us. That’s okay, but it’s still better to go for guaranteed help in your account.

We hope that the new contact service will become convenient and popular among you. But even more, we hope that you will not run into trouble with Caliber.

Sincerely yours,
Caliber support team

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