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Arystan collection — weapons and abilities

The Arystan collection will be available in Caliber on September 8th, with the new Battle Pass, The Wind From The East. It will bring a second character with a shield, the first grenade launcher that deals damage through covers, and special gear and abilities that have no counterparts will appear in the game.

Arystan will appear in the game client with update 0.12.0 on August 25th. Then the players will see the operators’ and their weapons’ full characteristics, and bloggers will probably create some preliminary reviews. In the meantime, we present the character cards and descriptions of how the developers conceived them.

Mustang, Assault

A versatile fighter who performs well in both defense and offense. He copes well with shielded operators and those who hide behind cover. The ability only emphasizes his strengths: with it, Mustang can independently conduct a swift attack or plan it together with his teammates, and in a defensive game, predict the enemy’s attack.

Tibet, Support

Agile and fast support with a shield that strengthens allies. Not as effective on its own as his French RAID counterpart due to the smaller shield area and the rate of fire of the main weapon. However, this is compensated by the high efficiency when working in a team.

Buggy, Medic

A very fast operator that can single-handedly control large areas of the map. Paired with any assault, Buggy can quickly go deep into the map, dig in, and take on the outnumbering opponents’ fire. At the same time, he remains an effective medic for his allies even at a distance, thanks to his remotely applied ability.

Sultan, Marksman

In the hands of skilled players, Sultan will become an unsurpassed duelist. It is ensured by the highest headshot damage from the main weapon and the effects of his ability. Also, his special gear makes any ally a dangerous saboteur that eliminates targets without revealing themselves.

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