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The Wind From The East Battle Pass: User’s Manual

On Wednesday, September 8, The Wind From The East, the fifth Battle Pass, dedicated to the update 0.12.0 and the release of the Kazakh operator collection Arystan, will start in Caliber. All Caliber players who have reached the 11th account level become members of the Battle Pass.

Battle Pass is a limited-time event in which players receive an additional type of XP for battles. By accumulating this XP, players progress through the levels of the Battle Pass and unlock rewards.

The Battle Pass will run for six weeks, from September 8 to October 19, 2021.
There are two types of Battle Pass:

Free. Its members are all players who have reached the 11th account level. Free Battle Pass rewards are unlocked at certain levels. There are a total of 35 rewards for members at different levels of the free Battle Pass.

Paid. A special ticket for those who wish to receive all the rewards provided in the event. It can be bought directly in the game client for 3500 coins. It is also available to players from level 11.

The Wind from the East Battle Pass has 50 levels.

The main reward of the paid of the Battle Pass will be the operators of the Arystan collection. At level 50, the player receives a container with a random new character and the opportunity to buy the rest at a bargain price for coins.
Epic outfits, emblems, and other exclusive Battle Pass rewards will remain Battle Pass-related for three months after the event ends. It will not be possible to get them any other way. 

Battle Pass Rewards

Paid Battle Pass rewards:
  • free XP;
  • premium account;
  • credits, coins, and materials;
  • reserves and boosters;
  • Steppe Eagle, Jammer, and Iron Curtain emblems;
  • Hangar HQ background;
  • Ivy, Clay, Jupiter, and Agate unique camouflages for all operator collections;
  • Grizzly epic outfit for Bishop, TFB support, and Vigilant epic outfit for Sokol, Alpha marksman (dropped at levels 24 and 43, respectively);
  • two unique emotes — Whistle and Magic — for all operator collections (dropped at levels 16 and 46, respectively);
  • One Sweep execution for all operator collections (drops at level 48 of the Battle Pass);
  • Recruiter Container: The Wind From The East with a random new character from the Arystan collection and the opportunity to buy the rest of them at a bargain price for coins (the opening of the second operator will cost 2450 coins, the third — 2800 coins, and the fourth — 3150 coins).
Dear players, please note: the opportunity to open the second and subsequent operators for coins is provided only once, after opening the container at level 50 of the Battle Pass. Stock up on coins in advance!
Battle Pass rewards available to all players:
  • free XP;
  • premium account;
  • credits, coins, and materials;
  • reserves and boosters;
  • Under Cover and The A-Team emblems;
  • a total of 12 сontainers with the Heavy Oil сamouflage for random operator collections;
  • Ice-Breaker epic outfit for Bard, SSO Medic.


How is XP earned to progress through Episode levels?
The dial is filled with XP equal to the base XP that you get in battles. If you have an active premium account, a special bonus of +30% event XP is also credited to the Battle Pass dial. Standard XP bonus from the premium account (+100%) is not taken into account.

For example, if you earned 1000 base XP points (net XP at the end of the battle, excluding the premium account and other boosters), then the Battle Pass dial will be filled by 1000 points. If you have a premium account, then, thanks to it, you will earn 30% more Battle Pass XP.
Can I buy levels?
Yes. You have the opportunity to purchase the required number of levels by going to the Battle Pass window in the game client and clicking on the level in the dial. The Buy Level button will appear on the right, below the picture with the contents of the award.

The value of the level is calculated in event XP. The purchase price is the conversion of required XP points into game currency at the rate of 1 coin for 20 Battle Pass XP.

This way, you can buy a level even if you have already partially filled it with XP.
Can I buy all the rewards at once?
Yes. You can receive all the awards simultaneously on the Battle Pass purchase screen by clicking the Purchase the Battle Pass Pack button. The purchase of all the rewards will cost 28,806 coins. And the estimated value of all the awards is 85,880 coins.
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