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TFB Hooligans: The Story Of The Legendary Outfit

At first glance, the legendary outfit of TFB operators seems unhistorical, unrealistic, and in some ways even fictitious. However, it’s not. As before, when working on legendaries, Caliber artists show a little more freedom than when creating historical (or canon) camouflages. But, as always, at the heart of the legendary TFBs is realism and authenticity.

Special forces operating in urban environments and equipped with protection and special equipment over civilian clothes can be seen in the troops of different countries; this is no longer surprising. But the image of Hooligans is based precisely on the events associated with the British SAS units: this is the famous story of Nairobi One Man and the special operation to suppress terrorist attacks in Britain in 2017. In this article, we briefly talk about each of them.

Nairobi One Man

In January 2019, in Nairobi, the capital of Kenya, five terrorists broke into the DusitD2 hotel complex. They set off an explosion, randomly fired at visitors, and eventually occupied one of the hotel’s buildings.

At the same time in the same area was Chris Craighead, a serviceman of the British special forces SAS, who came to Kenya to instruct local anti-terrorist forces. There was military gear in Craighead’s car, so he returned to it, equipped himself, and headed for the epicenter of the action. It was probablys the non-standard — high speed- equipment that attracted the attention of reporters to the British special forces and brought him to the front pages of the world media. Chris Craighead’s professional kitover civilian clothes looked strange next to the Kenyan military, dressed in the simplest helmets and body armor and armed with Kalashnikov assault rifles.

In Craighead’s vehicle was a L131A1 Glock pistol and an L119A2 rifle with attachments typical of the British military’s.

Chris Craighead was the first near the complex with the captured civilians, and even before the arrival of the Kenyan military, he managed to extractseveral hostages. When the Kenyan special forces arrived at the hotel, Craighead undertook to lead the operation since it was he who, literally the day before, taught these same people how to act in such situations.

A few hours later, more than 700 people were evacuated, and all terrorists were eliminated. Eyewitnesses and representatives of the Kenyan special forces participating in the operation together with Craighead claim that he personally participated in the assault, fired only a few aimed shots, and eliminated at least one of the four terrorists.

Among the hostages in Nairobi were US citizens, so the operators of the American SEAL unit, who were also in Kenya at that time, were alerted and awaited permission to fly in. But Chris’s decisive action did not require the SEALs to intervene. They arrived in Nairobi but at the very end of the operation.

For his courage and valor, Craighead was awarded the Conspicuous Gallantry Cross in Britain, and US President Donald Trump thanked him in person for saving the lives of Americans. The awards were given in secret because, at that time, the identity of Craighead had not yet been revealed. However, there was no doubt that his coverwould soon be blown. Realizing this, the British military recalled Chris from Kenya a few days after the spontaneous operation.

Reporters, describing whathappened in Kenya that day, came up with two nicknames that now haunt Craighead and have become synonymous with his name. «Nairobi One Man» and «Obi-Wan Nairobi» are the phrases most often found in publications about Chris Craighead.

As a result, after being compromised, exposed, and given publicity, Chris Craighead resigned from the army. What Nairobi One Man is currently doing or is going to do is unknown. But you can now follow his life on the personal Instagram of the former military man. He started it after leaving the special forces, but so far, there are mainly stories about the very incident that made him famous and changed his life.

SAS operators in England

In 2017, the UK was shocked by terrorist attacks.

On March 22, 2017, a car hit several pedestrians on Westminster Bridge in central London. After that, the offender drove to British Parliament, left the car there, and tried to get inside the building. Armed with a knife, he attacked a police officer and was shot.

On May 22, 2017, an explosion occurred in Manchester near the Manchester Arena stadium. According to police, a suicide bomber caused the explosion.

On June 3, again in London, three men in a minibus began crushing pedestrians and then attacked passers-by with knives. All three were shot.

There were other incidents that occured without victims, as well as suppressed attempts to organize crimes. The attacks were either recognized as terrorist attacks by the police, or some terrorist organization took responsibility for them.

After the attack on Westminster Bridge, all special services of Great Britain worked extremely proactively. SAS operators carried out operational activities — special forces participated in raids and arrests of suspects throughout the country. But beyond that, an unprecedented covert street patrol operation has begun across the UK.

The active SAS soldiers were sent to all major cities or to objects that were highly likely to be attacked: parks, squares, bridges, metro and train stations, tourist attractions — in general, wherever large crowds of citizens are always present.

At the same time, other British special forces were retrained for covert patrols and urgent, decisive actions in densely populated cities. Moreover, the trained operators did not replace other «special patrol officers» but augmented their ranks.

Undercover work assumed full compliance with civilians in terms of appearance, so the operators portrayed street athletes, young men in love waiting on the street for their date to arrive, urban dandies idly strolling along expensive streets, homeless and vagabonds who could stay in one place for hours and even whole days and not arouse suspicion.

In casual clothes and with ordinary bags, as far as possible depending on the image, the operators kept first aid kits, weapons, and protective equipment to respond to any emergency or threat quickly.

How effective it was to introduce professional special force soldiers into routine city life, the military did not report. But it is worth noting that since June 19, 2017, not a single terrorist attack has occurred in Britain with fatal casualties (assaults recognized as terrorist attacks happened twice more), and one attack that took place ended in the terrorist being detained by smart and courageous «passers-by». How many crimes were suppressed thanks to information from increased patrolling and a considerable number of detentions of suspicious citizens and visitors is still unknown.

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