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Caliber Ranked Season 3: User's Manual

The third Ranked Battles season has started with update 0.12.1, the recurring competitive PVP mode based on the Showdown mode. The new season is called Lead Harvest and will last for two months.

The new season begins with resetting the rating, rank emblem, and position in the Leaderboard for the participants of the previous season. Tokens earned in Season 2 of Ranked Battles will be returned to players’ accounts.

Season innovations

Some changes were made to the matchmaking system for the Lead Harvest season. In order for more balanced teams to participate in matches, we divided each league into two parts. The first part of the league is in the range between ranks V and III, and the second is from rank II to I. According to the new rules, the selection of players in the fireteam and the opposing team is carried out so that only users from neighboring parts of leagues are in the match. The same rule applies to the search for a game in the fireteam: players can gather in the fireteam only if they are no further than one part of the league from each other.

The new rules apply to all leagues except Diamond. The Diamond league is not divided.

The smaller the difference in rank points (RP) in the fireteam, the fewer restrictions on finding players in the queue. Coming to fireteam from different parts of the same league or different leagues, you may face a longer search for a match than being in the same part of the league.

A new Season Task is introduced in the Lead Harvest season: every five victories in Ranked Battles will bring additional Tokens. Season Task has no limit on the number of executions, it is not resetting, and the number of Tokens for a completed task grows as the league rises. At the same time, we have reduced the Token reward for the end of the season. In general, now the income in Tokens will be higher for those who play Ranked Battles more often.

Who can participate in Ranked Battles

Any player whose account meets two conditions can take part in Ranked Battles:

  • The player’s account has reached level 15;
  • The player has at least one operator with 15 upgrades researched and purchased.

There will be five leagues in Ranked Battles mode: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Diamond. Each league from Bronze to Platinum has five ranks. Ranking progress depends on the success of the battles. For each victory, the player receives one rank point, and a point is deducted for defeat.

Points for defeat are not deducted in the Bronze League. To advance to the Silver League, you need to win 15 battles in the Ranked Battles mode.

You can find the rules of the ranked season, rewards for leagues, and the Leaderboard in the Profile menu, and the Ranked Battles mode description can be opened by the eponymous button.

Ranked league rules

Ranked Battles are in many ways similar to the standard PvP mode Showdown, but they also have several significant differences.

  • A round continues for 3 minutes.
  • To be victorious in a match, you must win five rounds. Thus, there can be a total of 12 rounds in one match, including draws.
  • To win, the team must either eliminate all opponents or capture the neutral position. The position is unavailable at the beginning of the round. It appears randomly at one of the three points in the central part of the map after 2 minutes from the round start. Its capture is significantly faster than in Showdown.
  • Friendly fire from all weapons is enabled.
  • Armor is not restored between rounds.
  • During the round, a penalty for maximum health is applied, similar to the Special Operations mode. In other words, the maximum number of health points decreases after each revival of your character. In the next round, your health will be full again.
  • Recruit characters are unable to participate.

Rank system and Leaderboard

There are 21 ranks in the Ranked Battles, five for each league from Bronze to Platinum, and only one rank in the Diamond league. The rank grows from the Bronze league to the Diamond league: as soon as a player rises from the fifth to the first rank within one league, his next step is moving to the new league.

The player must accumulate a certain number of rank points indicated by stars to move to the next rank in each league. A victory adds one point to the player; a defeat takes it away.

  • Bronze: 3 rank points, stars are not removed for defeat in the Bronze league;
  • Silver: 4 rank points;
  • Gold: 5 rank points;
  • Platinum: 6 rank points;
  • Diamond: the total number of rank points is calculated; the players are distributed in the rating according to their number.

The Leaderboard is built within one rank. Whoever has more rank points is higher within the rank of their league.

Ranked Battles rewards

Players will receive rewards for every first victory per day: temporary event currency and a container with a random prize. The prize value depends on the league that the player occupies when receiving the container.

At the end of the season, players are entitled to two more types of rewards:

  • For the maximum league reached by the player;
  • For their current league at the end of the season.

Players who find themselves in the Platinum or Diamond leagues at the end of the season will receive containers with the legendary Guard outfit for the Vympel collection. Each container of this kind has four slots, where the first slot opens free of charge, and each next one opens for coins: 1,500, 1,850, 2,150 coins, respectively. Each slot contains the legendary Guard outfit for a random operator.

With update 0.10.0, all legendary outfits in Caliber have received new benefits:

+25% XP per battle;
+20% Credits per battle;
+10% Contract XP for all operators per fighter in a legendary outfit.

Benefits from the legendary outfits work whether the outfit is used or not.

The sets of materials in containers for the current league at the end of the season will be different. The higher the league, the more materials in each of the three container slots are stored.


Ranked Battles Armory

For the Ranked Battles event, a temporary currency called Tokens is introduced in Caliber. Players can earn them in three ways:

  1. Receive rewards for the first daily victory in Ranked Battles.
  2. Receive Tokens for the Season Task. In Lead Harvest, they are given for each fifth victory.
  3. Receive Tokens credited at the end of the season as part of the rewards for the maximum reached league and the league in which the player is at the end of the season.

The Ranked Armory will be available throughout the whole Ranked Season and one week after its end.


New items for event tokens:

  • Nomad legendary outfit for Mikołaj, the medic of GROM;
  • Liquidator epic outfit for Koszmar, the assault of GROM;
  • Climber epic outfit for Sputnik, the support of SSO;
  • Iroquois execution for all operators;
  • Clutz emote for all operators;
  • Pale September camouflage for all operators;

Items from the previous seasons

  • Bully epic outfit for Archer, the marksman of TFB;
  • Leviathan epic outfit for Kit, the support of 22 SPN;
  • Containers with Retaliation and Heartbreaker eliminations for random operator collections;
  • Lucky emote container for a random operator;
  • Strike emote container for random operator collections;
  • Containers with Sapphire, Woodland Splinter, Season 1: Red, and Season 1: Blue camouflages for random operator collections;
  • Containers with reserves. Each container contains three slots, each with ten units of a random consumable;
  • Free experience and materials packs.

Rewards in containers are non-repeatable. That is, one player can buy an emote container 48 times (according to the number of operators in the game), and in each such container, there will be a guaranteed emote that is not yet on the account for an operator. This rule also applies to other containers with random rewards.

Ranked emblems

The emblem system did not undergo any changes. Like the last season, they are not given as a reward at the end of the season but change dynamically depending on the player’s league. The dynamic emblem appears immediately on the player’s account; at first, it has a No League status. It receives league status after the first game is played. It can be used in any game mode and displays the player’s league until the new Ranked Battles season.

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