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Crossing Map: Features, Screenshots & Videos

In version 0.12.1, the third location of the Zalessye theater of operations, the Crossing map, will appear in Caliber. At launch, it will be available in three modes: Showdown, Hacking, and Onslaught. Crossing will be the first Caliber map drawn by artists and shaped by designers based on Eastern European nature and terrain.

Crossing was referenced from rural landscapes of the central part of Russia.

Crossing was referenced from rural landscapes of the central part of Russia.

The map represents a natural area with a settlement divided into several parts by a river. The map has three large zones: the village, the rocky area with the sawmill, and ruins. The village and the sawmill are located on opposite parts of the map and are the places where opposing teams appear; ruins are the central part of the map with firing positions and an elevation allowing marksmen to support allies from afar in battles with bots.

Originally Crossing was a predominantly rural area divided in two by a river. However, tests showed that it was difficult for the teams to understand which side they were starting the match on quickly and coordinate to attack the enemy when they appeared. This is why the division into forest and village zones and the tall church as the dominant landmark were created.

Yaroslav Karpenko, Lead Environment Artist

The easiest and fastest way to cross the river and find yourself in another zone of the map is to use, well, the crossing — the wide bridge. But there are other ways too. A river can be crossed by water anywhere with a speed penalty of 40%. How the wading is tactically justified depends on the situation. Still, the players can move more stealthily and be less mobile or behave openly but maintain the movement speed.


Effects and conditions received by operators in water

The water on the Crossing map has a number of game features:

  • damage from jumping into water is reduced by 50%;
  • grenades do not bounce but sink to the bottom, explode as usual, and inflict standard damage;
  • first aid kits, mines, and other objects that are placed/thrown to the surface work in the water as usual;
  • bullets fired into a limb or a body hidden by water inflict standard damage;
  • ground drones work underwater in the same way as on land, but their movement speed is reduced by 50%;
  • at the end of the Incapacitated state timer, the operator is eliminated if their head is underwater at this moment.

If the operator is in the water at knee level or deeper, the following effects are applied to them:

  • Burning effect deals 50% less damage and does not stack with modifiers to reduce fire damage;
  • movement speed decreased by 40%;
  • movement in the Incapacitated state duration reduced by 50%.
Legendary outfit Merman for the Alpha collection does not give advantages while moving on water. Instead, it gives + 25% XP and + 20% Credits per battle, as well as + 10% XP in contracts.

Video of Crossing

See you in battles on Crossing!

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