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Patch notes 0.12.2

Update 0.12.2 is a in-between one. With it, we continue rebalancing the operators and introduce some smaller changes. This rebalancing has majorly affected Mikolaj, Monk, and Diablo. Also, with this update, small gifts will be given to the players as part of Caliber’s Birthday; those are not listed here, though.

In a week, another update is going to be applied to Caliber. After that, we’ll start to gradually uncover the details of version 0.13.0.

See you in battles!


Improved the visibility of the scope reticles on dark backgrounds.


Marksman. Fixed a typo in the ability description.

22nd SpN

Marksman Tien

Fixed the SVDM main weapon muzzle flash position.


Added the Old School legendary outfit.

Medic Monk

Injection ability:

  • duration of healing increased from 7 seconds to 8 seconds;
  • base healing increased from 36 HP to 40 HP;
  • healing application rate slowed down from 0.7 seconds to 1 second;
  • ability’s positive effects base duration increased from 12 seconds to 16 seconds;
  • ability cooldown increased from 20 seconds to 22 seconds;
  • a special visual effect and a new effect icon are displayed on the target, which received a positive effect while heavily wounded.

12th upgrade «Increases Hit Points restored by the operator when using the ability»:

  • ally healing bonus increased from 12 HP to 16 HP;
  • self-healing bonus increased from 6 HP to 8 HP.


Medic Travnik

Fixed the main weapon’s position on the back when using the Merman legendary outfit.


Medic Mikołaj

M500 shotgun primary weapon:

  • spread in aiming mode increased by 25%;
  • spread in crouched position increased by 10%;
  • effective range reduced by 15%.

10th upgrade «Tactical Foregrip»: rate of fire bonus reduced from 0.8 rounds per second to 0.4 rounds per second.


Marksman Eima

Correct cartridge cases are now ejected from the secondary weapon while firing.


Marksman Diablo

Inferno ability:

  • base duration increased from 10 seconds to 12 seconds;
  • base damage increased from 20 HP to 25 HP;
  • base radius increased from 4 meters to 5 meters.

GL06 grenade launcher special gear:

  • damage increased from 100 to 120;
  • effective blast radius increased by 15%.


Assault Mustang

Ability activation cost in the description now matches the real one.

Support Tibet

Armor-Piercing Rounds skill now works for the handgun without a shield as well.

The lights no longer move apart from the shield while it is positioned on the back.

Marksman Sultan

Special gear no longer drops down rapidly when flying for a long time.

Maps, missions, and bots changes


Support. Fixed a bug with the explosion of the van that made the mission blocked and impossible to continue.


Clearing, Special Operation. Fixed the bot on the balcony not receiving the Burning effect from an incendiary grenade thrown at him.

Emir Residence

Clearing, Special Operation. Fixed the final cutscene.

Shopping Mall

All modes. Fixed incorrect camera behavior when approaching some objects.

Amal Harbor

All modes. Light no longer passes through concrete walls.

Onslaught. Removed the ability to move inside some of the balloons.

Object 903

Clearing, Special Operation. Fixed shadow flickering on the balcony.

Frontline. Removed the ability to walk through a container wall.


Clearing, Special Operation. Fixed target marker freezing.

Onslaught. Fixed a bug due to which the mission could not be completed during the stage of bots elimination.

Onslaught. Removed the ability to get inside a car when jumping over a cover.


All modes. Fixed a situation where an incapacitated ally lying in tires was difficult to reanimate.

All modes. An upside-down boat can now be climbed from all sides.

All modes. Fixed missing bipod bonus on one side of the cover.

Onslaught. Changed the spawn time of bots on Fighter difficulty.

Onslaught. The bomb disposal robot’s path starting at the rocks near the river has been corrected.

Onslaught. Bots’ behavior corrected.

Onslaught. Removed the ability to climb in places where there is no cover by pressing the key.


Updated information about mechanics opening at account level 4 in the profile.

Fixed a bug where the fast opening of containers resulted in missing content icons.

Fixed a bug due to which lighting in the weapon view was duplicated.

The background for notifications in battle now resizes to fit the text.


22 SpN marksman Tien: Fixed missing sound of grenade explosion when hitting the water.

Special Operation. Amal Harbor. The announcer no longer interrupts the phrase about the terminal defense by starting the following phrase.

General Changes

Weekly tasks. Removed the task to place a negative effect on the enemy.

Fixed incorrect compensation when getting a four-item historical camouflage from an Army Surplus container.

Operators. When set to „Do not show cosmetic camo on other players“, weapon skins of the epic outfits are no longer hidden.


The Pushups emote no longer twists characters’ arms.

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