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Gifts for all our players

Today is a remarkable — although symbolic — date for Caliber. It is two years since the start of the open beta test phase of the project. That is, from the moment when the game actually appeared before the players. In honor of this event, we have prepared a small surprise.

All players registered in Caliber before October 27th, as well as those who register in the game from October 27th to November 10th, will be credited to their account:

  • Podunk HQ background;
  • A loot box with the new Backache emote for all operators;
  • 50,000 credits.
Players registered in Caliber from October 27th to November 10th will receive the Podunk HQ background and an emote for the operators they own when they first enter the game. The loot box for all operators and 50,000 credits will be credited after November 10th’s maintenance.

Plus, a week later, on November 3rd, Caliber will hold a special challenge. The prize for completing it is a loot box with an operator of your choice: Aphela, Eima, Miguel, or Matador. And the rewards in materials for victories and daily quests will be doubled.

See you in battle!

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