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December 1st to 8th: Archives: League of Fire event

The series of Archives continues! The month in which players could earn rewards from past Battle Passes will end with League of Fire, the fourth event in the series. Let us remind you that in terms of personalization, the awards in it were very significant: in particular, a whole set of epic Paratrooper outfits for the entire SSO collection. And now, along with other rewards, Paratrooper will be available in the Archives: League of Fire event.

As usual, from December 1st to 8th, to access the rewards, the players will have to earn temporary currency, Tokens. You can spend Tokens in the Store to purchase epic outfits, material containers, and emblems, as well as other event rewards.

Tokens remaining after this event will be stored on players’ accounts and returned to you during the next Archives: League of Fire event.

Event Tokens can be earned in two ways:

  • Through a container awarded for Daily Task completion. Such a container holds two slots: the first one contains 20 tokens in 100% cases, and the other one may hold 45 Tokens, a bunch of Materials, or Paratrooper epic outfit for Voron, the Assault from SSO.
  • For completing chapters of the Task Set. The first chapter will earn you 50 Tokens, the second 75 Tokens, and the third 100 Tokens.
This and further Archive events will feature 100% compensation in tokens for any item owned by players in drop. This rule applies to all items except for epic outfits; those are compensated for in coins.

Event rewards:

  • Paratrooper epic outfits for all operators of SSO;
  • Unicorn execution;
  • Take off, Close contact, and Tamer emotes;
  • Thaw, Malachite, Wolfberry, Taiga Predator, Magma, and Steppe camos;
  • Quadcopter, Paramedic, Senezh, Air cavalry, On the road, Torro, Pyro, Hot heads, Sunflower emblems.
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